Child Abuse Charity

An open door that breaks down the cycle of abuse, one child at a time 

When one door closes another door opens. Since opening our doors in 1887, Mercy Home has kept our promise to improve the quality of more than 650 hurting children with aid of staff, volunteers and the generosity of charity donations and contributions. Here, we are committed to helping youth put danger and disappointments of child abuse and neglect in the past.

By instilling feelings of love, respect and patience, and demonstrating the importance of trust and communications in stable relationships, children can begin to rebuild their lives and realize their dreams.

Our charity’s youth residential services and programs help abused children include:

  • Specialized residential programs
  • Family Counseling
  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • After-school classes
  • Career resources
  • Life-long support, encouragement and resource

Meet Irene

Hear Irene’s child abuse survivor story about her empowering journey to overcome abuse and violence at Mercy Home and follow her dreams of California.