Mission and Goals

Our Mission:

The mission of Mercy Beaucoup! is threefold: to provide our customers with stylish, high-quality clothing, décor and more here in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago, to offer critical job training opportunities for at-risk youth at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and to raise awareness for our life-saving mission.

Mercy Home provides safety, opportunity and more for homeless, abused and abandoned young people.  We currently help more than 700 children each year through our residential, mentoring, aftercare and referral programs.

Our goal is to offer not just the assistance these kids need to survive today, but to provide the resources necessary to create a solid foundation for life-long success, such as career preparation, independent living skills and financial literacy programs.

The hands-on job experience that Mercy Beaucoup! provides Mercy Home’s youth will prove invaluable as they pursue future career goals. That is why our boutique is such an exciting — and meaningful — venture.

What you see here is not just a store — it is the first step toward lives full of confidence, self-reliance and success.


Our Goals:

  • To provide employment for youth in residence at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.
  • To raise critical funds in support of Mercy Home’s children.  
  • To increase awareness for our Home and our mission of providing a solution for kids in crisis.
  • To partner with supporters in a new and unique way.