Illinois and Indiana College Tours

Illinois and Indiana College Tours

A Tour on the Collegiate CircuitEven though it’s summer, our young men and women have still been going to school.

A group of our high-school age boys and girls enjoyed week-long visits to several institutions of higher learning, including Benedictine University, Northern Illinois University, Joliet Junior College, and Holy Cross College. The visits are a great opportunity for our young men and women to learn about the different possible types of post-secondary options, as well as to get a sense of life as a college undergraduate.

The most anticipated stops on the tour were Northern Illinois University and Joliet Junior College, where our Home will have two kids attending in the fall of 2016: Sylvester and Josefina, respectively. Our young people had fun seeing first-hand where their peers would be attending, and it was a chance to inspire confidence that they, too, could achieve academic success.

Manager of Post-Secondary Options Katelyn Dollard said the youth asked insightful questions during the trips and enjoyed comparing and contrasting the schools they visited.

Some of our younger boys and girls enjoyed a taste of college life, too. A group of our kids took a three-day trip to Elmhurst College, where our boys and girls stayed in college dorms and ate in the dining hall. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Friends First Manager Mary Quinn, two Friends First matches were also able to join in the experience.

The trip culminated in the Elmhurst Youth Showcase, where our children had a chance to demonstrate what they had learned during their time on campus. Our young people’s creativity flourished during the assignment: they created skits, made their own music and burned their songs to CDs, wrote poems about their future selves, and built roller coasters from construction paper and tape.

Congratulations to our boys and girls on successful college excursions, and kudos to our Education and Career Resources coworkers, Mary Quinn, and Marc Velasquez for organizing such an informative opportunity for our kids!

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