Happy National Apple Pie Day!

To celebrate, our coworkers held an apple pie baking contest, four pies were entered, among the entries were an apple pie bake, apple pie cheesecake, apple pie pop tarts, and of course classic apple pie! All pies were tasted and judged by a truly discerning group, our fellow coworkers! The winner, the apple pie cheesecake, a great twist on the classic apple pie really wowed everyone with its creativity and of course amazing taste. The winner took home some apple-themed prizes, like a box of Apple Jacks, sour apple gum, and apple flavoured sparkling water. Everyone had a great time coming together and showing off their pie baking skills!

  • The pies ready to be cut and devoured!

  • Coworkers working together

    Cutting Apple Pie
  • We dive in!

    eating Apple Pie
  • Apple Pie with Ice cream
  • Apple Pie Cheesecake
  • Apple Pie a la mode
  • Eating apple pie
  • Putting in our votes

    Apple pie voting
  • Apple pies
  • Congrats to our winner!

    Apple Pie contest winner
  • Delicious!

    All the Apple Pie entries

To see our recipes and more from Mercy Home’s Apple Pie Day, visit our Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mercy_home!


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