History and information about Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

William Blair Supports Mercy Home

Employee Giving Partnership Made Simple

According to Laura Coy, Director of Community Engagement at William Blair, working in the community all year round is one of William Blair’s major priorities. This winter, however, the company took their engagement to a whole new level.

Through a corporate partnership with Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, and a long-time board member and William Blair employee Mark Brady, William Blair created a holiday giving campaign that made an incredible difference.

“Our employees want to do even

more around the end of the year.”

“We make it a point to support employees who take leadership in the community,” Coy said. “And our employees want to do even more around the end of the year.”

Coy reached out to Mercy Home, which created an online giving portal that provided a simple and convenient way for William Blair employees to donate. Additionally, Coy said, William Blair took the opportunity to spread the news to employees about its company matching gift program, which doubles gifts of $50 or more to nonprofits like Mercy Home.

“The online portal just made it so easy,” said Coy. “And gave us the opportunity to promote our matching program, making gifts go twice as far for the Mercy Home kids.”

Corporate Partnership.

William Blair’s Community Engagement team celebrated their generous employees by offering a Jeans Day to those who contributed to the internal campaign for Mercy Home.

The campaign was a success, Coy said, because it not only shared Mercy Home’s mission, but also because it provided a way for William Blair to support employee engagement and remind employees that the company has resources dedicated to support the community.

From all of us at Mercy Home, we thank William Blair for their generosity and support of our young people.

Get Your Company Involved!

Would your company like to participate in a giving campaign and make a difference in the lives of kids at Mercy Home?

To learn more about corporate partnership opportunities, fill out the form below.

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Annual Reports

At Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, our mission is to save young lives by providing critical services to young people and their families. Our annual reports show how we do that work while maintaining our commitment to stewarding the resources entrusted to the care of our boys and girls.


Youth and families served in FY17.


Students who graduated from 8th and 12th grades.


Individual therapy sessions provided for kids.

Years of Mercy

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Stories of Hope and Illumination at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

By Rev. L. Scott Donahue

In this collection of essays, Reverend L. Scott Donahue, president of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, invites readers to bear witness to love’s remarkable power to inspire growth, hope, and change in even the direst circumstances. In these pages, Fr. Scott recounts the stories of ten children whose traumatic pasts have brought them to Mercy Home to seek the healing and supportive services this therapeutic residential home provides.

Though their paths to Mercy Home’s door may differ, for these children, a common thread binds each of their stories together: remarkable strength, unwavering spirit, and a heart tender and open enough to receive help when it’s needed most.

In Years of Mercy, Fr. Scott reflects on the miracles that happen within Mercy Home’s walls, thanks to God’s good grace and the many friends across the country who lend their prayers and support to offer children hope, healing, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Listen to a sample of the audiobook.

Narrated by Rev. L. Scott Donahue

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Reverend L. Scott Donahue

Rev. L. Scott Donahue is President & CEO of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a therapeutic home for children who’ve experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, and emotional trauma. He has been caring for the children at Mercy Home since joining its Board of Regents in 1990, later serving as assistant to its president. In 2006, after ten years of service as Mercy Home’s associate president, Fr. Donahue was appointed the Home’s eighth president since its founding in 1887.

Read more by Fr. Donahue.

Praise for “Years of Mercy”

“Fr. Donahue’s very well-crafted book puts on full display how ordinary individuals, in partnership with an extraordinary institution, Chicago’s Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, have been living out the Gospel’s call to corporal and spiritual acts of mercy for nearly 130 years. These cameos of mercy in action are witness to the powerful transformation that happens in the lives of others when charity and generosity frame one’s life. These inspiring accounts offer an instructive and inspirational alternative — or better, a solution to the crisis of indifference that the Year of Mercy was meant to address.”- Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

“Fr. Scott Donahue’s collection of tenderly told stories provides an aperture into this magical place, Mercy Home. Empathic and nurturing, Fr. Scott and his colleagues at Mercy know just what children need. As you read these stories, it’ll become clear that those at Mercy serve as a model for the rest of us.” – Alex Kotlowitz, Author, There are No Children Here

“I’m a believer in the power of mercy to transform lives. The inspiring true stories that Fr. Scott shares in his book will make you a believer too. I’ve known Fr. Scott for decades and I’ve seen firsthand the way he runs his home like a successful business. It’s efficient, innovative, and it attracts the very best people who all work toward the same goal — saving our kids.” – James M. Jenness, Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kellogg Company

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Order “Years of Mercy” Today

Walsh Girls Campus Tour

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Welcome to the Walsh Girls Campus

Created in 1987, 100 years after the founding of Mercy Home, the Walsh Campus is committed to meeting the needs of the young women of Chicago. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, the Walsh Campus provides our young women the privacy and peacefulness they need to heal from past trauma. The entrance to the Walsh Campus is adorned by a Guardian Angel statue identical to the one at our Boys Campus.


This beautiful chapel, like most of what is now the Walsh Campus, was originally owned and managed by the Sisters of the Cenacle. In addition to being a place of worship and spiritual celebration, the chapel also provides a quiet space for our young women to reflect and find solitude.

Walgreen Home – Foyer

Originally owned by the famous Walgreen family, this mansion was donated to the Archdiocese of Chicago, who in turn provided it to Mercy Home. Today, the beautiful manor serves as one of four residential programs, or Homes, at our Walsh Campus. Young people are placed in Homes based on their age, developmental and therapeutic needs. Each Home is structured to provide a healthy, nurturing and safe living environment in which the youth can learn and grow to reach their potential.

Walgreen Home – Dining Room

Therapeutic structure and scheduling is one of the critical components of our approach to serving the needs of our young people. Structure includes regular meals, chores, and hygiene routines, and each of our Homes is equipped with a dining area, laundry, restroom, and dormitory-style sleeping areas. This provides a consistent, stable living environment while also fostering a support system and sense of community amongst our children.

Walgreen Home – Living Room

Beautiful, warm and inviting, the Walgreen Home living room serves as a place for our young women to spend time with one another, from group and family therapy sessions to reading and other activities. The living room is also the site of one of our girls’ favorite nights of the year: the Walsh Campus Christmas celebration. Our young women and Walsh Campus coworkers pack into the room to spend time with one another, exchange gifts, and even receive a visit from Santa Claus!

Walgreen Home – Study

Another key component of therapeutic structure includes daily study time within our Homes. After returning from school, having some time to relax, and enjoying dinner, each of our young people heads to their respective Home to study and work on homework. By providing this educational enrichment, our boys and girls are able to develop the skills they need to thrive in school.

Bernardin Hall – Kitchenette

Welcome to Bernardin Home! Here, young women ages 18 to 21 experience a pre-independent, or transitional living arrangement. This allows our girls to express and practice responsibility and advanced overall functioning. Bernardin Home underwent major renovations in 2015 thanks to the creative and generous donation of GFX International, a retail design company. In order to reflect the personalities of our young women, GFX invited them to be part of the design process, asking about their interests and color preferences—they even used a quote from one of our girls to decorate the common area!

Bernardin Hall – Living Room

Before heading to the bedrooms, here is another example of a living room from Bernardin Home. Each space is decorated and arranged to facilitate a sense of comfort, community, and safety—a place to call home.

Bernardin Hall – Bedroom

Each Home is equipped with dormitory-style sleeping arrangements, with either one or two beds per room. These living arrangements promote healthy living habits and foster a sense of boundaries and respect amongst our boys and girls.

Computer Lab

Mercy Home is committed to providing our children with the tools they need to succeed, including computers and monitored internet access. We have also created Education & Career Resources, a department that provides our children with academic and vocational guidance and resources, ensuring our children have the support they need to achieve their dreams.


No home is complete without books, and our Walsh Campus library serves as the perfect place for our young women to catch up on their school reading, study, or just enjoy their favorite novel.

Craft Cottage

Renovated in 2015, the Craft Cottage gives our young women the opportunity to explore their creativity, and also serves as a place for groups to participate in art therapy led by our full time Craft Cottage coordinator. Our young women work together and individually on project-based assignments, and with the cottage stocked full of supplies, our young women have everything they need to express themselves through art.

Fitness Center

Physical fitness and well-being are integral aspects of our therapeutic approach, which is why we have designated exercise rooms at both of our campuses. The equipment is provided by generous friends of Mercy Home, and our kids receive instruction on proper use and safety before exercising in the fitness center.


The courtyard is a flurry of activity in the summer months as our girls take advantage of the beautiful Walsh Campus grounds. The courtyard is also home to a Mercy Home tradition: the Men’s Barbecue. Once a month, a group of our male coworkers travel to the Walsh Campus in an effort to introduce our young women to positive male role models.


The former backyard of the Walgreen mansion now serves as an entryway to our Walsh Campus garden. Tucked away from the rest of the Campus grounds and the neighborhood, the gardens are a wonderful place for our girls to spend time outdoors.

On this last stop on our tour, you can see the hidden gem of the Beverly neighborhood: our Walsh Campus Garden. This hidden sanctuary is tended by our girls, who learn to grow the fruits and vegetables that will be later served in our kitchen. The Dawn Brancheau Foundation, who are dedicated supporters of Mercy Home, visit each summer to help our girls tend to their garden, teaching them how to plant and harvest their crops. For many of our children who have never left their urban environment, the garden is a wonderful way to experience the healing power of nature.

West Loop Campus Tour

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Welcome to our West Loop Campus

The headquarters of Mercy Home since 1889, only two years after its founding, the West Loop campus serves Chicago’s young men. The location in Chicago’s West Loop allows our young men to take an active role in the community—many work in nearby businesses and participate in neighborhood projects. The entrance to our West Loop Campus is adorned by a Guardian Angel statue identical to the one at our Walsh Girls Campus.

Tichenor Family Chapel

This beautiful sanctuary was a gift from longtime Mercy Home benefactors Art and Marj Tichenor. Featuring a vaulted copper roof and water-themed stained glass windows, this tranquil space gives our young men a space for quiet reflection.

Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

This place of worship is the filming location of Sunday Mass at Mercy Home. This televised Sunday Mass is broadcast on WGN in Chicago each Sunday and viewed by thousands each week.

Noha Home – Foyer

One of six residential programs, or Homes, at the West Loop campus, Noha Home serves some of our youngest residents. All of our residents are placed in Homes based on age, developmental and therapeutic needs. Each Home provides a healthy, nurturing, and safe living space where the children can learn and grow.

Noha Home – Living Area

Decorated with our young men in mind, the living space of each of our Homes allows our young men to gather for everything from socializing to group therapy sessions. Living spaces like this one are meant to bring a sense of comfort, community, and safety to our young men.

Mercy Beaucoup

Mercy Beaucoup is a high-end resale boutique that provides a unique shopping experience to customers and benefits Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a children’s charity located in Chicago. The items at Mercy Beaucoup are brand-name items that are consignment quality, but at thrift store prices! Our well-curated collection includes options for both men and women, and clothing is refreshed weekly. Common brands found at our store include Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, Chico’s, and J. Crew. Stop by often for monthly markdowns! Every sale goes directly to Mercy Home and makes a difference in the lives of hurting kids.

Everything you see at Mercy Beaucoup has been donated by friends of Mercy Home like you. Our success depends on keeping the store stocked with the best pre-owned merchandise available. Please consider donating your high-quality, gently-used designer or high end clothing, accessories, home decor, and collectibles.

Mercy Beaucoup accepts:
Apparel and shoes
Handbags and wallets
Sunglasses, scarves, and belts
Jewelry and watches
Fine baby clothing, coats, and accessories
Crystal and china
Small accent furniture

Unfortunately, we cannot accept:
Exercise equipment
Sleeper sofas and mattresses
Musical instruments
Baby cribs, strollers and high chairs
Books and movies
Desks, chairs, and televisions

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Mercy Beaucoup! is a designer resale boutique located in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood, downstairs from State Street Barbers:

1545 North Wells Street
Chicago, Ill. 60610

For questions about Mercy Beaucoup!, please contact our store’s manager, Lynn Spaeth, by phone at (312) 202-6794 or by email.


Tuesday through Friday – 11 a.m. to 7 p.m

Saturday – 10 a.m to 6 p.m

Sunday – 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed Monday

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Associate Board

The Associate Board of Mercy Home is a group of young professionals who strive to help the kids of Mercy Home. Their objective is to promote the mission of Mercy Home by engaging other young professionals through social, volunteering, and fundraising events.

Laura Brake

Board Chair


Tim Day

Board Vice-Chair

Madison Capital Funding

Michael Babbitt

Jenner & Block

Daniel Barrett

Google, Inc.

Brendan Breen

The John Buck Company

Sammi Bulmash


Josh Cauhorn

Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella P.C.

Nathan Clarke


Andre Crawford

Prestium Pharmaceuticals

Margaret Mary Detmer

Google, Inc.

Katie Dorece

Guaranteed Rate

Lauren Duff

Drinker Biddle & Reath

Patrick Durham


Janelle Edwards


Ryan Ferris

Huntington National Bank

Ryan Gallante

Chicago Blackhawks

John Hoppe

Madison Capital Funding

TJ Kistner

Segal Marco Advisors

Angelica Kopiczko

Quarter 20

Ryan Kruzel

Pritzker Realty Group

Ania Kuna

New Generation Power LLC

Liz Le Sbertoli

Blue Flame Thinking

Ricardo Lopez

Northern Trust

Dominic LoVerde

Forde Law Offices

Jack Maloney

Colliers International

Matt Martin

Stumm Insurance

Lisa Martinez

The Northern Trust

Zach McCullough


Erin McGovern

HBK Engineering

Nick McIntyre

Worsek & Vihon

Kara Murphy


Brittany Neisewander

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Caitlin O’Brien

MADO Management

Gannon O’Brien

Zeller Realty Group

Megan Osterhout


Roberto Paniagua

Google, Inc.

Rick Perez

Subrosa Investigations

Lauren Porto

SWC Technology Partners

Bill Pragalz

360 Benefits

Kristen Preble

UI Labs

Luke Rohan

Sungard Availability Services

John Sadofsky

Robert Half International

Peter Schimeck

Aon Corporation

Robert Shorty

Starbucks Corporation

Nathan Sonoskey

True North Holdings LLC

Ghienhel Speh

MOD Management

Brieda Staunton

Advocate Illinois Masonic

Mark Stevens

Riveron Consulting

Michelle Tejada

HBK Engineering

Ramon Torres

Nuveen Investments

Jasen Toussaint

Northbrook Bank & Trust

Katherine Twardak

Johnson + Bell

Caroline Upton

Reed Smith

Bobby Van Fossan

Morgan Stanley

Brian Weber

Duff & Phelps

Josef Weber

Merrill Lynch Global Wealth & Investment Management

Leader Council

The Leader Council members are powerful accomplished professional women who believe in the lives of Mercy Home’s young people’s education. They meet throughout the year and donate their time, talent, financial support and professional resources to open doors to education in order to change the trajectory of children’s futures, and break cycles of abuse, neglect and poverty.

Nancy Temple


Katten & Temple, LLP

Nancy Amicangelo

Nancy Bentley, Ph.D

Benedictine University

Sue Bettman

LSC Communications

Deirdre Bormes

Eileen Bower

Clyde & Co.

Donna Carroll, Ph.D

Dominican University

Juliann Cecchi

Northwestern University School of Law

Patty Meagher Clare

PM Clare & Associates

Emily Cole

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Mary Dempsey

DePaul College Prep

Veronica Dendinger


Mary Dominiak

Village of Antioch

Lisa Duarte

Susanne Dumbleton, Ph.D

DePaul University

Megan Ferraro

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Susan Flood

Emily Garrison

Reed Smith LLP

Patricia Gianone

Duffy Designs, Ltd.

Valerie Giardini

The Northern Trust Company

Karen Golden

Susan Golden

Golden Leadership, LLC

Kathleen Hagedorn

Chicago Partners Investment Group

Anne T.C. Harney

Collins Engineers

Susan L. Henry

Cornerstone CPA Group, LLP

Mirasabel Villanueva-Hucker


Nancy Iannotta

The Private Bank

Gloria Jacobson

Saint Xavier University

Michele Jochner

Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck LLP

Caroline Becker Joss

Caroline Rose, Inc.

Beth Kaveny

Burke Wise Morrissey & Kaveny

Yvette Kennedy


Nicole Klotz

Claire Koeneman

Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Sarah Kooperman

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Elizabeth (Lisa) Krepps

Sook Lee

Stout Risuis Ross

Missy Lavender

Women’s Health Foundation

Kerry Long

K. Long & Associates

Jennifer Lyons


Claire Manaois

MCM Consulting Group

Elizabeth Marino

Jones Day

Natalie Martini


Caroline McAteer

DePaul University

Kathleen M. McCabe

Ann Mendelsohn

Alexandra Mihalas

Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

Eileen Mitchell


Mary Kay Mulvaney, Ph.D

Elmhurst College

Erin Nolan

Nolan Development

Kerry O’Hare

Oxford Capital Partners, Inc.

Katina Panagopoulos

Wintrust Commercial Banking

Suleyma Perez

Northeastern Illinois University

Rachael Phillippe

Hermes of Paris

Diana Pisone

Judy Pomeranz

Freelance Writer

Lora Powers

Wells Fargo

Maureen Power

Power & Cronin, LT.

Beth Provanzana

The Northern Trust

Virginia Rugai

Mary Lee Schneider


Deborah Sexton

Professional Convention Management Association

Salme Harju Steinberg, PhD

Northeastern Illinois University

Nancy Summers

Law Offices of Nancy A. Summers

Ivana Taylor

BD Associates, Inc.

Kathy Taylor

Rider Dickerson

Kate Temple

Human Resource Consulting Group

Susan Templeton

Taiber Kosmala & Associates LLC

Marcy Twardak

Monica Tynan


Laura Wicklander West

Great Lakes Advisors

Alys C. Williams

Epiq Systems

Mary Wilson

Brigitta Witt

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Charlene Yaneza


Nancy Loewenberg Young

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Ambassadors of Mercy

The Ambassadors of Mercy is a select board of prominent men dedicated to advancing the mission of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. This board of resourceful professionals surfaces and helps develop key influence support to sustain and expand vital programs for children in need.

Kevin Buggy


Paul Adcock

Executive VP - NYSE ICE

David Baez

Cook County Sheriff’s Police

Michael Barrett


Mark Boyle

Goldman Sachs

William Busch III

Managing Consultant - Gallup

Kevin Cassidy

President - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Timothy Cavanagh

Founder - Cavanagh Law Group

John Clesen

Area Vice President of Finance - Stericycle

Ernest J. Codilis, Jr.

Founder & Senior Partner - Codilis & Associates, P.C.

Kevin Crain

Financial Advisor - Morgan Stanley

Keith Giemzik

VP, Taft-Hartley Services - BMO Harris

James Hoffman

Senior VP - Fidelity Investments

John Jaeger

Principal - Digital Benefits Advisors

Mike King

Director, Financial Planning and Analysis - R.R. Donnelley

Eric Larson

Walsh Construction

Matthew M. Leffler

Outsource Fleet Services, Inc.

William J. Lewis

Reed Smith, LLP

Michael McCarihan

Director - Wells Fargo Securities

Laurence A. McNabb

President Emeritus - Insulation Fabricators, Inc

Mike Nelligan

Vice President - Jones Lang LaSalle

George Nolan

Global Communications Manager - AkzoNobel

Peter O’Brien

President/CEO - MADO Management

Scott Pearson

SVP, Senior Investment Officer - The Northern Trust Company

Jeffrey Pettiford

Managing Member, Head of Business Development & Investor Relations - Window Rock Capital Partners LLC

Patrick Quinn

Managing Director - Signature Chicago Wealth Management

Thomas Robinette

President - Robinette Demolition, Inc.

Kevin Rooney

President - Focuscope, Inc.

Daniel Rowan, M.D.

Cardiovascular Consultants

Konstantine Sepsis

Principal - Avison Young Chicago

Richard Sherman

Partner - KPMG LLP

Don Silich

Owner - Constant Organization, Ltd.

Todd Steffen

Senior VP, Distribution & Transportation Transformation - Newell Brands

Rick Stern

CEO - Nitel USA, Inc

William Weldon

Principal - Weldon Investments

Kenneth J. Wroblewski

Senior Manager - Andersen Tax LLC

Patrick Zamkin

Business Development Analyst - Olenik & Associates