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Welcoming Friends from Ireland

With a group of Mercy Home youth slated to visit Ireland this year, County Cork delegates are eager to host another successful adventure.

Women’s History Month: Donors Become Role Models for our Girls

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re honoring two donors who have been great examples for our girls: Debbie Frogameni and Suzanne Zaccone

Celebrating Black History Month at Mercy Home

Mercy Home spent the month of February celebrating Black History Month with a number of activities and events.

Community Partners Collective Discuss Youth Housing Insecurity

As part of the Community Partners Collective, Mercy Home coworkers participated in a discussion about youth housing insecurity and how to serve those impacted.

Career Panel Helps Young Women Explore Their Futures

Our board members participated in a career panel at the Girls Campus to share how they achieved success in their careers.