Enjoy stories about our amazing boys and girls who have made incredible strides during their time at Mercy Home.

Dave’s Story

Dave’s story shows the power of breaking the cycle of abuse. Watch the video of one of Mercy Home’s Youth, Dave tell his story.

The Importance of Education

When the 13-year-old girl arrived at Mercy Home, catching up in class was the furthest thing from her mind. She had long ago lost hope that she would ever be a good student.

Julia's Story

Julia’s Story

While most kids her age were being tucked into bed by a loving parent,
13-year-old Julia was searching for a warm, dry place to sleep.

Omar with notebook in library

From Violence to Mercy

Most days, Omar is like any other teenage boy. He sometimes plays his music too loud, loves to play soccer and is impatient to get his drivers’ license. He hopes one day to be a famous athlete, or perhaps, a renowned businessman.