MercyWorks Reflection | Social Justice: Luis Bahena

MercyWorks Alumni, Luis Bahena, reflects on how the importance of social justice and throughout his MercyWorks year, he challenged his community to get to know their youth but most importantly be an advocate for them.

MercyWorks Reflection | Community: Kirstin Noe Yeado

MercyWorks Alumni, Kirstin Noe Yeado, reflects on her experience living in an intentional community and how it influenced her in the years since MercyWorks experience, to continue to build community in both personal and professional roles.

MercyWorks Reflection | Professional Development: Matt Boland

MercyWorks Alumni, Matt Boland, reflects on his experience being able to further his career with on-site professional development opportunities, job experience, and mentorship.

Friends First Kicks Off Another Year

Mercy Home’s Friends First Mentoring Program kicked off its 31st year with its site-base launch at the West Loop Campus. Over 60 people attended the fun-filled event, including mentors, mentees and family members, as everyone got acquainted with each other and planned for the year ahead.

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MercyWorks is a year-long program that offers a diverse group of highly motivated women and men – who have the desire to make a difference in the lives of hurting children and families in Chicago – a unique opportunity to gain professional experience while growing spiritually, personally and professionally.

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