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Born: New Jersey

College and major: Marquette University, accounting

Position: Chief Accounting Officer and Director of Human Resources at Oxford Capital Group, LLC

“I am responsible for financial reporting, tax, treasury and finance, investor relations, risk management, and human resources.”

Passions outside of work:

“I love the outdoors – hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, cross country skiing. I also do art as a hobby – pastels, photography; whenever I go on vacation, I always take my pastels and paper with me. I also have a dog that is a certified therapy dog, so we volunteer at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and we work with patients in rehabilitation, whether it’s an arm or a leg, or a concussion, or spinal cord injury. It’s anything from throwing a ball to holding a hula hoop, to just speaking.”

Favorite activities during high school:

“I loved playing tennis and played on the high school tennis team, and I was editor of the high school newspaper in the sports section.”

Finding Mercy Home:

“I had a friend on the board who mentioned tutoring, and I was kind of looking for something to do after work, and so I looked into the Mercy Home tutoring program. There were a few years when I tutored there, and for two years in a row I ended up tutoring the same person.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:

“I think there are kids that have challenges at certain points in their life, and it’s really important that they have some place they can go, or reach out to for support. And I just think Mercy Home goes above and beyond with really seeing kids through the treatment they need, and then continuing on through AfterCare. It’s just amazing what they do.”

Proudest accomplishment:

“I took a month off of work to go to a yoga teacher training program in Seattle, and in order to get certified, I had to do some community work and teaching. But I thought, ‘where am I going to do the community work?’ And I thought, ‘Mercy Home for Boys & Girls – that’s a really special place.’ So, I called the After School Coordinator and we agreed that I would do a series of ten yoga sessions, and there would be two therapists in the room also taking the class as I taught. And so we did another series of ten, and then I went to the girls campus and I taught there… It was very, very rewarding – it was probably the most moving thing I’ve ever done.”