So you’ve been thinking… “ I don’t know how I would make my fundraising goal.”
Don’t worry! We’re always around to help you find new and creative ways to fundraise. Click through to see 21 tips to make getting started a little less daunting:

Be the first donor!

Make the first donation to your page. It shows that you’re committed and helps your friends and family be confident in you.


The easiest place to begin! Send personal emails to all your friends, family and coworkers and let them know why you’re running. Send them the link to your fundraising page, and you’ll be amazed how many donations come in right away!

Social Media

Don’t be afraid to reach out on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It only takes seconds to create a post that hundreds of people can see and connect with. Also be sure to direct message people too if you don’t have their email addresses!

Jeans Day

Ask your manager or supervisor if you could hold a “Jeans Friday” at your workplace. Employees can wear jeans in exchange for a donation to your campaign.


chairpartyWho doesn’t love a party? Hold a get-together at your house and ask attendees for a donation as “admission.”


Donate your birthday to your campaign. Ask your friends for donations in lieu of presents.

National Holidays

Ask your friends to celebrate International Children’s Day with you on June 1 by donating to your campaign. Or, pick another holiday that’s close to your heart and do the same.

Yard Sale

You didn’t want all that stuff anyway! Gather it, price it, and take it outside on a sunny day to get money for it. Keep a stack of cards near your cash box that have your personal fundraising website on it along with more information about Mercy Home. That way they can give more to your campaign when they get home.

Matching Gifts

Check with your company to see whether they have a program to match donations you make to charities. Or, search the database of companies that match gifts.


Got stuff that’s worth more than you’ll get at a garage sale? Take it to a consignment shop! Consign your clothes, jewelry, furniture, books, bikes, and music.

Restaurant fundraiser night

Lots of restaurants offer charity fundraising evenings, where they will return a percentage of their profits for an evening to the charity of your choice. Ask if your local favorites offer charity evenings, and whether they would be interested in holding one for you.

Grocery Store

Ask your local grocery store if you can set up a table at the exit. Approach people as they leave and inquire whether they would be interested in donating to your campaign.

Change Jar

Place a household “change jar” in your kitchen, where your family and roommates can place loose change. Every bit helps!

Door to Door

Go to your neighbors’ houses and ask them directly whether they can make a donation to your campaign. Make sure to tell them all about Mercy Home and be prepared to answer any questions they may have.


Hold a potluck-style brunch at your house on a Saturday morning and ask for donations in exchange for attendance.

Wine Tasting

Hold a BYOB wine-tasting event at your house and ask for donations in exchange for attendance.

Local Art

Have a friend who’s an artist? Ask whether she or he could design greeting cards, prints, or anything else you could sell to family, friends, and coworkers in exchange for a set donation to your marathon campaign.

Awards show “gala”

Invite your friends over for your favorite awards show, and request that they all dress up – whether as movie characters or musicians, or simply wear their finest gala attire. Ask for donations in exchange for attendance.

Ask your church

Ask your minister whether you can take a few minutes of your church service to pitch your campaign to attendees. Set up a table in the lobby with more information and a change canister, and be ready to answer any questions anyone might have about Mercy Home or your campaign.

Silent Auction

See if your friends have items of value lying around that they haven’t gotten around to selling yet. Collect them all and hold your own “silent auction” at your house. Everyone who contributes can go home with something cool!

Bake Sale

Grab your kids or friends, and whip a few items up in the kitchen! Sell them at work, church, school events, or at other community gatherings you attend.

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