Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse Quick Facts

60 sec.

For every 60 seconds that pass there are 6 complaints of child maltreatment

3 mil.

Which makes over 3 million reports of child abuse or neglect in just 1 year.


children died from maltreatment. This includes, nonfatal and fatal cases of child maltreatment.

The CDC studied the financial cost to society of child maltreatment. Looking at factors like child healthcare, child welfare, special education, criminal justice, adult medical expenses, productivity loss, they were able to calculate the total lifetime cost of a year’s worth of new cases: $124 billion.

It’s not hard to see that the benefits of programs fighting child abuse far outweigh the costs. We are so grateful to everyone doing their part to help end child abuse and to help give these children a second chance at life.

For more information, see the CDC’s Child Maltreatment: Facts at a Glance fact sheet.

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