The most rewarding hour of your week

Mercy Home Boy and Mentor
When a child comes to Mercy Home years behind in school, Mercy Home answers with comprehensive educational support.  Its volunteer tutors, on campus Monday through Thursday of every week, cement learning and resources into achievement.  These tutors provide individualized assistance and the vital gift of educational opportunity—one hour-long session at a time.

The Girls Campus of Mercy Home, located in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood, is in need of tutors!  Dee Atkins, Director of Volunteer Resources, is looking for “enthusiastic volunteers who want to make a difference in the life of a youth.”  Tutors can be males or females over age 18, must have a high school diploma or GED, and will spend one hour per week at Mercy Home.  As Dee points out, “You can come after work and be done at 7:00!”

Tutors and tutees spend each session working on homework, building study skills, or reading the newspaper together. Dee describes the youth, who look forward to seeing their tutors, as ready and willing to learn new things.  Though many come to Mercy Home struggling academically, one-on-one time with a tutor often turns their grades around.  The sessions, a learning experience for both the tutor and tutee, encourage confidence and produce a meaningful bond.

Mike, a volunteer, attests: “my tutee has been a complete delight…I feel that nothing is more rewarding than partnering with Mercy Home to establish a solid academic foundation for its youth.”

Dee hopes you will take advantage of “your opportunity to be a teacher for an hour,” and support Mercy Home’s fight to provide its youth the education they deserve.


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