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18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Homily Video

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily Transcript

For all of us, life is difficult. Let me say it again. Life is difficult. So with this in mind, I share with you this beautiful prayer. I want to that you, Lord, for being close to me so far this day. With your help I have not been impatient, lost my temper, been grumpy, judgemental or envious of anyone. But I will be getting out of bed any minute now and I think I will really need your help then, amen. You know life, I think, sometimes we miss the entire point. For example, the future father-in-law who asked his future son-in-law, young man, can you support a family? The surprised groom-to-be replied, well no sir. I was hoping to support your daughter, the rest of you will have to fend for yourselves. There’s a little saying that goes like this, what’s mine is mine and I’ll keep it, what’s mine is mine and I’ll take some of yours, what’s mine is mine and I’ll share it. What’s mine is mine and I’ll keep it, what’s mine is mine and I’ll take some of yours, what’s mine and is mine and I’ll share it. We listen in Paul to the Colossians, think of what is above and not when on earth. And again in today’s gospel from Luke, Jesus says, one’s life is not consist of possessions. Where our treasure is, there will our heart also be. But someone once said this, there are three kind of givers, grudge givers, duty givers and thanks givers. Where do we put our trust in life? What motivates our life’s decisions? Power, success by worldly standards, wealth with a gospel of Jesus Christ, always knowing our decisions have consequences, our actions in our lives will always define who we are. Decisions shape our lives and give them meaning. In life, what are we looking for? What are we finding? There are so many people today trying to find happiness out there someplace. Happiness is not something we get but rather something we do for happiness is an inside job with the help and grace of God. Our being here on earth is God’s gift to us. We do with our life, is our gift back to God. Fear not that our life shall someday come to an end. Rather fear that it’ll never have a beginning.

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