First Sunday of Advent

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First Sunday of Advent Homily Transcript

>>So we begin this Holy season of Advent. We begin a new liturgical year today. So it’s appropriate to say Happy New Year – for you and for all of our church. The Gospel says: Stay alert. Be watchful. Pay attention. 

You know, one of my favorite words in all vocabulary of all languages is a very simple word that comes from the Hispanic tradition. And it’s the word ‘mira.’ A simple four letter word. Mira means pay attention. Mira means behold. Mira means embrace. Mira means be grateful. The gospel says, pay attention and watch. Say, mira. Pay attention. Behold the wonderment of this wonderful season. Be ready to greet the Lord of Light and the Lord of Hope and the Lord of Peace during this event season. Oh, come. Oh, come. Emmanuel.  

You know, I’ve been watching our young people here at Mercy Home, particularly over the past couple of months, and they really are young people who do behold, they pay attention, they’re on watch and they respond. I think of the horrific fires that took place down in Hawaii. Our young people were aware of that. And what did they do?  

They responded.  

They saw what was there. They saw a need and they responded. They raised money, gave it to Catholic Relief Services to help the people in Hawaii. The same is true what’s going on in Ukraine. You pay attention, you be aware, and you be the light in the hope of Christ in the world. Take pro action. Be proactive.  

The Advent season is a time to be awake to pay attention, to go out and to bring the light and the life and the hope of the risen Lord to all. 

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