In the heart of a Chicago south side neighborhood, a new home for Mercy Home’s former residents is set to open this June. This new building—a safe haven for our AfterCare members—will be a place of hope, community, and opportunity.

Residents will have the chance to live in a clean and safe environment while working toward their life goals.

More about our AfterCare program…

AfterCare is a program that offers life-long support, encouragement and resources to former residents of Mercy Home and their families. 

It was created in 1981 as a way to keep in touch with those who had transitioned beyond full-time residential care—especially those who expressed a need for continued support.

In its nearly 20 years, Mercy Home’s AfterCare program has increased the number of supports it provides and today helps former residents flourish in independent living, in securing education and developing career-skills, and it provides scholarships, therapy, referral services and more.

The program’s dedicated care managers work with each AfterCare member on a “passion plan,” which is designed to break down large life goals into smaller, tangible steps that clearly illustrate each young person’s progress.

Our AfterCare team takes pride in its strengths-based approach, which leverages its members’ skills and abilities in order to help them set their own goals and determine their own needs.

In short, we do not direct our members’ futures—but rather, we help them chart their own paths. In fact, former residents who participate in the program are called members to underscore the personal ownership that each has over his or her own destiny.

AfterCare continues to grow. More than 225 former residents, as well as many of their family members and loved ones, remain connected to a supportive, wider Mercy Home family through this program.

You can reach the AfterCare staff by contacting Heather Bland by email or phone, 312-738-7540. You can also visit our offices, which are located on Mercy Home’s Hay Campus at 207 South Racine Ave., Chicago, IL, 60607.

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