Youth Residential Program

COVID-19 Response:

 Mercy Home is committed to keeping our kids safe from the ongoing pandemic. We have reduced the overall capacity of our full-time residential programs, for example, in order to minimize the risk of transmission to those who live with us. Programs are now operating with strict safety protocols, including visitor restrictions, required mask wearing for staff, and added procedures required of any staff before entering our facilities.

At the core of our services for children since 1887 are our full-time living spaces, also known as youth residential programs. Mercy Home never closes–children live here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In order to tailor the living experience to the needs of our kids as closely as possible, we operate several specialized, therapeutic residential programs under the umbrella of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Each one of our living spaces provides the safety, structure, and support that children between the ages of 11 – 21 need to grow and thrive. Placement in any one of our programs is based on the age of the child and their emotional and developmental requirements.

Our program provides everything that you would provide for your own kids to ensure that they have a life that is happy and fulfilled.  To this we add special care to help children overcome any abuse and trauma in their pasts.  Our goal is simple: for our young people to make positive life decisions that allow them to realize their potential.

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We provide everything our kids need to grow and thrive

Food, Shelter and Clothing

Mercy Home ensures that the basic needs of all of our kids are met. We provide a warm bed for kids to sleep at night and nutritious, home-cooked meals so that they are able to focus on the day’s tasks without distraction or worry.


Living in constant fear about personal harm can steal a child’s future. At Mercy Home, kids find a safe and supportive environment they need in order to thrive. A place where a child can be a child. Where they can focus on building their futures, free from worry about gangs, violence, or any type of abuse.


Our young people are years behind in school by the time they enter our care.  That’s why a major focus of our work is helping children overcome academic achievement gaps and encouraging success in the classroom.  We focus on the basics: Math and Reading Enrichment.  Daily tutoring helps our kids to catch up in school and to graduate from high school prepared for their next step.


All of our young people receive individual and group therapy at least once a week.  We develop relationships beyond Mercy Home’s doors through family therapy as well.  And we offer young people other types of therapy, ranging from grief groups and pets to music and art therapy and therapeutic yoga.

Therapy sessions focus on helping each child accomplish the goals that he or she has set with the help of care managers as part of our individualized program.

Spiritual Development

A child’s faith can be a powerful force in their healing. We support children who come to us from a variety of faith traditions, by encouraging a deeper exploration of their own spirituality. Throughout the year, spiritual retreats, celebrations, and faith-based learning help our kids develop this critical dimension of their lives.

Community Service

We prepare children to become positive members of the community.  Our children learn important lessons about themselves and about the world around them through meaningful volunteer opportunities.  Our young people have visited nursing homes, stocked a food bank, and written letters to service members overseas.


We offer character-building and culturally-enriching learning opportunities that encourage the personal growth and development of young people.  Recent activities include cooking, lacrosse, spoken word, gardening, and dance.

Vocational and Career Resources

Finding and keeping a job gives children more confidence and self-reliance, teaches them to be financially responsible, and gives them skills that they will carry throughout their careers.  Young people have the opportunity to explore different careers through internships at companies that partner with Mercy Home.  We also introduce vocational paths for our youth to gain sustainable employment.