Illinois and Indiana College Tours

Mercy Home boys and girls enjoy week-long visits to institutions of higher learning and a taste of college life through Illinois and Indiana.
July 26, 2016/by Victor Nieto

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

In celebration of National Junk Food Day we at Mercy Home are celebrating by recommending some healthy alternatives to junk food.
July 21, 2016/by Christa Rooks

Finding Stability, Friendship, and Guidance, Teen Thrives

Thanks to steadfast friends Molly would always be loved and cared for here at Mercy Home. Our campus started to feel like her true home.
July 15, 2016/by Alison Gates

Speh Family Celebrates 20 Years of Service

The Speh family visited Mercy Home to celebrate 20 years of service to the boys and girls in our care and presented an additional gift to our Home.
July 11, 2016/by Victor Nieto

Mercy Home Heroes Kick Off

Mercy Home's marathon team gathered to celebrate the beginning of training season and learn about the perks of being a Mercy Home Hero.
July 11, 2016/by Victor Nieto

2016 Academy Awards at Mercy Home

Friends and family gathered for the annual Mercy Home Academy Awards Banquet, recognizing boys & girls for their academic accomplishments during the past year.
July 11, 2016/by Victor Nieto

O’Briens Share Gifts with Mercy Home

Longtime friends of the Home Peter and Mimi O'Brien recently shared gifts of a Celtic Cross and Japanese maple tree to adorn our Hay Campus.
July 8, 2016/by Victor Nieto

7 Ways To Help Kids Build Independence

Every July 4th, our country celebrates Independence Day by remembering our history and those who fought for our freedom. Here at Mercy Home, we work with our kids every day on skills that will enable them to become more independent in their own lives.
July 4, 2016/by Erin Ash

Inspiration from the Spiritual Development Team

Our Spiritual Development team shares their favorite pieces of inspiration and spiritual guidance.
June 23, 2016/by Alison Gates

We know Youth Violence is on the Rise

Hear what Emily Neal and Daniel Nelson diving deeper into understanding why youth act in violence and what you can do to be part of the solution.
June 21, 2016/by Lynn Luong

Monitoring your Kids on Social Apps

Social apps are becoming increasingly popular. It's important to have conversations with your kids and their presence online.
June 21, 2016/by Amy Williams

Tips to Manage your Child’s Time on Devices

Is your child actively browsing the internet frequently? Here are some tips to regulate your child's use.
June 20, 2016/by Lynn Luong
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