Mark Brady: Supporting Mercy Home During the IndyCar Series

Guest blog post from board member, Mark Brady, about his experience attending an IndyCar Series with Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing in support of our kids.
August 21, 2017/by Mark Brady

The Fr. Close Era Begins: Mercy Home in the 1970s

Read about our history and see some photos of life at our Home in the 1970s in an informational pamphlet published by Fr. Jim Close in 1976.
August 17, 2017/by Erin Ash
Mission of Our Lady Pendant

Celebrating Silver in the 60s

Read a firsthand account of life Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in the 1960s.
August 10, 2017/by Mark Schmeltzer
Rita's graduation

Our Young People Can Always Come Home

Read about former Mercy Home resident and current AfterCare program member Rita and how her enduring connection to the Home has made a difference in her life.
August 7, 2017/by Alison Gates
Jack Dempsey

Fr. Kelly and CYO: A Winning Combination

Learn about the CYO and the history of boxing at Mercy Home that emphasized discipline, sportsmanship, and the development of physical and spiritual self.
August 3, 2017/by Nic Halverson

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Words

Fr. Scott Donahue explains how words can have a strong effect on the proclamation of one's being, relationships, and faith.
August 1, 2017/by Fr. Scott Donahue
Summer Fun Banner

Six Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Guest blogger, mom, and former social worker Amy Williams shares summer fun activities for kids before the school year begins once again.
July 31, 2017/by Amy Williams

Trauma and Brain Development in Children

Where practitioners once used psychological, emotional, and behavioral terms to diagnose the effects of trauma, there is now scientific evidence of altered brain functioning due to early abuse and neglect.
July 28, 2017/by Nic Halverson

Our Boys Served their Country: The 1940s at Mercy Home

Read about Mercy Home for Boys & Girls during the 1940s and the boys who dedicated their lives to serve the United States during World War II.
July 27, 2017/by Christa Rooks

Partners in Prayer: Friends First

Read about how a Friends First mentor made all the difference in young Sandy's life and join us in praying for our mentors and their young mentees.
July 27, 2017/by Fr. Scott Donahue
Eastland Disaster

Chicago’s Greatest Disaster Remembered

Read about the Eastland Disaster and the role that Mercy Home for Boys & Girls played in caring for those Chicagoans affected.
July 24, 2017/by Mark Schmeltzer

Fighting for the Future: Mercy Home at Fifty

Learn how Mercy Home for Boys & Girls fought for the future of its mission and the children it served throughout the Great Depression of the 1930s.
July 24, 2017/by Mark Schmeltzer
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