Fr. Scott’s Corner – Christ is Risen

We as Christians are called to let Jesus take hold of our hearts and allow love to take over our lives, all because Christ has risen.
April 12, 2018/by Fr. Scott Donahue

Pongo and Tom: A Dynamic Duo of Therapeutic Care

Facility dog Pongo's familiar presence is opening up new lines of communication and forming meaningful relationships to better help our boys and girls heal.
April 11, 2018/by Nic Halverson

Mercy Home Heroes Spotlight: Kirk Ongman

Read more about one of our Mercy Home Heroes, Kirk Ongman, who in 2018 is running his 20th marathon and raising money to support our boys and girls.
April 9, 2018/by Christa Rooks

Easter Hope

Read Fr. Scott Donahue's reflection on the Lenten season and the Easter hope that leads us to live in the peace of the Risen Lord.
March 27, 2018/by Fr. Scott Donahue

Partners in Prayer: Daniel Overcomes Trauma

Join our Partners in Prayer to pray for young people like Daniel, who found a safe home, stability, and opportunity at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.
March 22, 2018/by Fr. Scott Donahue

Swoon Volunteers Help Kids Prepare for Success

A group of Friends First matches recently learned valuable skills for the future when our friends at Swoon held a Career Day at Mercy Home.
March 21, 2018/by Christa Rooks

EEG Neurofeedback Helps Youth Regulate Energy & Emotions

Mercy Home is investing in innovative neurofeedback technology, which represents a step forward in serving the mental health needs of our kids.
March 9, 2018/by Nic Halverson

Kids Attend Black Panther Screening Thanks to Chicago Actors

Thanks to two generous Chicago actors, Karimah Westbrook and Craig Robinson, Mercy Home's young men and women attended a special screening of Black Panther.
February 28, 2018/by Nic Halverson

Speaker Series: Making Meetings Meaningful

Mercy Home's Speaker Series Workshop will feature Arnie Aronoff, who will discuss how to make meetings in adolescent mental health settings more meaningful.
February 28, 2018/by Christa Rooks

Presidents’ Day a Chance to Learn

Presidents’ Day at Mercy Home was filled with many different opportunities to learn, thanks to events organized by The Academy!
February 27, 2018/by Christa Rooks

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Lenten Season

The Gospel readings during the Lenten season serve as a reminder that throughout all of human history, there has never been anybody like Jesus.
February 27, 2018/by Fr. Scott Donahue

A Beautiful Partnership: Mercy Home Heroes and Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

Fleet Feet Sports Chicago showed their love by making our home their official charity for January at all seven of their Chicagoland locations.
February 21, 2018/by Jim Harding
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