Celebrating a Year of Academic Success

Celebrating a Year of Academic Success

Summer is finally here! And to celebrate our kids’ hard work and academic accomplishments, the Education and Career Resources department hosted award ceremonies last week on both the West Loop and Walsh campuses.

The Academic Awards are a perfect opportunity to celebrate our kids’ academic growth and achievements and to show our appreciation for their hard work throughout the school year.

On the West Loop Campus, our young people entered the soccer building to a glow-in-the-dark themed environment. The room also featured a photo booth and a cotton candy machine, while participants enjoyed a dinner catered by the kitchen team.

Seeing them proud of themselves and hyping each other up was the best part of the [ceremony].

Fr. Scott began the ceremony by congratulating all for finishing a successful school and work year. Each young person received an award for their academic or personal growth since coming to Mercy Home.

Even a couple youth who moved into Mercy Home just days prior received awards for their ability to acclimate to a new environment.

The Walsh Campus event was centered around an ice cream social, which included dinner, music, dancing, and a pinata filled with candy.

The youth were excited when they received their awards for All Star Student, Tutee of the Year, and other awards based on their strengths and accomplishments.

“Seeing them proud of themselves and hyping each other up was the best part of the [ceremony],” said Education Career Resources Coordinator Lupe Carey.

Lali, a Mercy Home resident and recent graduate, gave credit to our coworkers and tutors for helping her reach her educational and personal goals. Lali received the Hero of Her Own Story Award.

“[Since living at Mercy Home,] my life changed for the better,” she said, “I didn’t go to school before [coming to the Home]. I didn’t do my homework and I [had bad] grades. But now, I graduated with honors from college, and I’m going to continue my education.”

Alexa, another Mercy Home youth, recently graduate from eighth grade. She was thrilled to get the Awesome Attitude Award.

“I put a lot of hard work [in school],” Alexa said. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t [for Mercy Home].”

After the ceremony, the girls ate delicious ice cream, cracked open a pinata, and danced the night away.  But before they headed back to their individual homes, they were given gift baskets with summer essentials, such as flip flops, sunscreen, and more goodies.

I wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t [for Mercy Home].

Thank you to our friends at Fill A Heart 4 Kids for donating these amazing gift baskets to our kids and getting them ready for summer.

We are so proud of our kids for their educational accomplishments this year. And truly thankful for our coworkers and volunteer tutors who help our kids thrive in school.

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