Annual Field Day

Annual Field Day

Our young people enjoyed the best of outdoor summer fun at their annual Field Days events, held at both Mercy Home locations recently. 

At their event, held at our West Loop Campus, our young men gathered with coworkers to enjoy delicious food and tons of aquatic games.

One of the boys reaches out his hands to catch a water balloon.
Water balloon fun!

On the basketball court, participants laughed and shot hoops in a friendly competition. Lively games of corn hole were also underway as the grill heated up. Cooling off from the rising temperatures, daring water games, and a high-spirited balloon toss left kids and coworkers drenched by the end of the day. 

Into the evening, upbeat music from our speakers was overcome by the cheers of young people brave enough to plunge into two water slides. Next, between bites of freshly made cotton candy and popcorn, our Mercy Home family gathered around for the much-anticipated tug-of-war competition. Tie dye and bucket hat stations were also set up at the event for our boys to design their own apparel and express their creativity. 

A boy at Mercy Home looks intently at a bucket hat as he carefully paints it.
The kids are making art out of bucket hats.

Our young women also enjoyed their annual Field Day, held at our Walsh Campus on Chicago’s far South Side. This popular Mercy Home tradition allows our girls to enjoy the summer season, as well as great food and games while interacting with our coworkers, many of whom travel from our West Loop Campus near downtown Chicago for the occasion. 

The event kicked off with our girls socializing, aiming to soak their peers at the dunk tank, getting airbrush tattoos, and snacking on popcorn, sno-cones, and freshly spun cotton candy. Participants enjoyed traditional summer food favorites, like hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, watermelon, and pasta salad.

One of our girls reaches for a high-five as she smiles and walks across the Mercy Home lawn.
Everyone’s having fun on the Walsh Campus lawn!

Both our kids and coworkers had fun competing in a balloon toss before the annual coworker-versus-youth kickball game, which ended in another hard-earned victory by our coworkers! Our young women then participated in some “Minute to Win It” challenges before getting second helpings of cotton candy and sno-cones. They displayed great sportsmanship throughout the evening and had a lot of fun.

Everyone ended the evening by tie-dyeing t-shirts specially made for the event, along with scrunchies. One of the girls even dyed her socks!

We are grateful to our coworkers who helped make this year’s Field Day events a success and for the chance to enjoy the beautiful summer weather together. 

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