O’Briens Share Gifts with Mercy Home

O’Briens Share Gifts with Mercy Home

Thanks to dear friends of the Home Peter and Mimi O’Brien, Mercy Home has become is a little bit more homey and inviting for our children.

The couple gave gifts of a Celtic cross and a Japanese red maple tree to adorn our West Loop Campus, and help our young people feel more at home.

Longtime supporters of our mission, the O’Briens partnered with Mercy Home to end the stigma of mental illness. Mr. O’Brien is a dedicated member of the Kennedy Forum of Illinois, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those struggling with mental health.

They have also held our annual Danny Boy singing competition as well as the Irish Cheesecake Baking competition at the O’Brien’s restaurant in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

Fr. Scott accepted the thoughtful donations on behalf of the Home, and had the maple placed to the right of our main entrance, opposite the statue of the Virgin Mary. The cross, a fitting symbol of the Home’s Irish Catholic heritage, was positioned by our West Loop Campus fountain garden, creating a comforting and serene refuge for our young people.

We are so grateful to the O’Briens for their gifts, and for their dedication to improving the lives of our boys and girls.

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