Friends of the Home Share Special Gift

Friends of the Home Share Special Gift

Fr. Scott Donahue recently welcomed some special guests to Mercy Home.

Erin and Grace Bauer, the wife and daughter of Cmdr. Paul Bauer, the police officer who was killed in the line of duty last year, and dear friends of the Home, came to Mercy Home to deliver a contribution to the Cmdr. Bauer Memorial Scholarship.

Recently, Erin and Grace were asked by Kendra Scott Jewelers to design a line of jewelry to be sold at a Kendra Gives Back party. Though Kendra Scott offered to give the funds to the Bauer family, they decided they would rather it benefit Mercy Home.

During a set time, 20 percent of proceeds from this line of jewelry went to Mercy Home!

Erin and Grace had a wonderful visit with Fr. Scott, where Grace was able to tell him about what she was doing in school and Fr. Scott was able to share more about the current scholarship recipient.

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Bauer family—thank you for thinking of our kids!


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