Lydia Andrews

Lydia Andrews

Board of Regents

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Where did you go to college, and what was your major?
University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an MBA in Accounting, Finance, and Behavioral Science; Roosevelt University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Have you lived in any other cities or countries? If so, where?
New York City, New York

Where do you currently work? Tell us about your current role.
I specialize in business intelligence, visual storytelling, corporate strategy, and finance transformation.

What are your passions or hobbies outside of work?
Creative artist: crochet, knitting, scrapbooks, cardmaking, miniatures, diamond painting, and calligraphy

When you were in high school, what were your favorite activities outside the classroom?
Art has always been my greatest passion, plus dancing, martial arts, puzzles, and debating.

What is your favorite place to travel to? What do you like to do there?
White sand beaches, great foodie places, quaint New England towns/B&Bs, nature walks, and boat cruises.

Who is the person who made the greatest impact on your life growing up? How did they help shape you?
My mother, source of my greatest challenges, love, and transformation.

How did you get connected to Mercy Home?
I was a youth at Mercy Home from 1997-1999 and stayed connected with AfterCare [now Community Care] through 2005.

Why is the mission of Mercy Home important to you?
Mercy Home saved my life.

What do you consider to be your proudest accomplishment?
Doing the inner work and healing from the past. Love and forgiveness are soul healing.

What would you like your legacy at Mercy Home to be?
Being one of their many success stories is enough for me.

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