Meet Our Board Members: Eileen Bower

Meet Our Board Members: Eileen Bower

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Leader Council

Born: Naperville

College and major: Loyola University Chicago, political science

Position: Partner at Clyde & Co.

“I spend a lot of my time coordinating client relationships and management activities, and I still do the technical legal work as well. My technical area of expertise is insurance coverage, so some of the things I do in that regard include appeals and litigation.”

Passions outside of work:

“I’m an avid runner – I have run a few marathons: I did two Chicago and one Boston. The second time I ran Chicago, I ran it for Mercy Home. I’m kind of an exercise enthusiast – I enjoy distance running.”

Most influential person growing up:

“What immediately popped into my head was my parents – just in so many different ways. As an adult, I look back and think about decisions that I’ve made – from my work ethic and drive, to the values I have in terms of family. I think all of those are derived from the examples that my parents set every single day. They both worked incredibly hard and set an example of family is the most important thing. It was something they wouldn’t necessarily say out loud – it was more just, that’s how you lived. And I think growing up in that environment becomes the fabric of who you are.”

Finding Mercy Home:

“When my kids were growing up, we used to come down to old St. Pat’s, and I remember we’d go down Adams street to go back home and I always saw Mercy Home and I thought it was interesting. So, I started asking about it a little bit, and I had connections through my sister-in-law, and as my kids were getting older and I had a little bit more time on my hands I wanted to get more information about the Home. So, I arranged for a tour and then I started getting involved with the council. I just think the work is so important and it’s such a well-run organization and it really impressed me.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:

“I think providing opportunities for young people who didn’t have the good fortune that I did as a young child – to have a really cohesive, loving family unit that provides a foundation for everything you do in life. I think being available to young people who otherwise, who knows what would happen in their lives if they didn’t have these opportunities? I just think that’s so important. And all of us would like to do that on our own if we could in some way, but that’s not very practical. So, supporting an environment that can offer so much to so many youth is incredibly important.”

Proudest accomplishment:
“My kids. My husband and I are incredibly proud of our three children, and every day just getting up and being there to support them through their challenges and trying to make sure that they are the best people that they can be and that they hold the same values that we do. And I’m just incredibly proud of my children, I think so much of my life is devoted to them, so my greatest accomplishment has really been to be a mom.”

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