Meet Our Board Members: Rich Daniels

Meet Our Board Members: Rich Daniels

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Born: Chicago

College and major: DePaul University, music composition

Position: Musical Director, City Lights Orchestra and Musical Director for television programs for 20th Century Fox/Disney

“A lot of what I do now is centered around being musical director and a conductor for programs around the country, for various artists and acts. I’ve had a very great and fortunate career and I’ve been blessed in many ways.”

Passions outside of work:

“Baseball, music and politics – I know you’re not supposed to talk about politics with people, but I love to. And baseball in Chicago of course is a blood sport. Music, though, is the thing that consumes me most days, even when I’m not working – it’s just a part of my DNA at this point. I like to take long bike rides and I have music playing in my ears, when I’m in my car there’s music playing.”

Favorite travel destination:

“Washington D.C., which I go to frequently, but in 1996 I was able to lead an orchestra there in the backyard of George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon for the Pacific Basin Economic Conference. We did a concert for the leaders of that conference from around the world in George Washington’s backyard – it was hard not to soak up the history.”

Proudest accomplishment:

“Successfully raising four children who are all now working in the world, making a difference with their own lives and all four of them have developed huge hearts for taking care of and helping children. I like to think all four of them got some influence from me, but their greatest influence undoubtedly was their mother. My wife is an extraordinary person who puts everyone else before her and did that with raising our children.”

People who’ve had the greatest impact:

“My parents. They gave everything to me that a parent possibly could. Starting with love & support.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:

“Because of the way it does change and affect the lives of the children they serve. I was chairman for one term of the board of regents and the board of directors, and during that time got a real close look at what’s going on. It was lovely to be the chairman, but what was really, really wonderful was the fact that we were getting an up close and personal view of all that goes on: the transparency of the Home, the beauty of the Home, the work that’s gone on with these highly trained social workers and gifted caregivers who change and transform the lives of the children.”

Mercy Home legacy:

“Someone who tried to do what he could with the gifts he was given to support this amazing mission and to make sure that the lives of the children in our care had the best opportunity for a better life through the work of the Home.”

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