Meet Our Board Members: Ryan Ferris

Meet Our Board Members: Ryan Ferris

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Associate Board

Born: Palatine, IL
College and major: University of Iowa, finance
Position: Commercial Banker at Huntington National Bank

“Our customers are family owned businesses in the Chicago metropolitan area.”

Favorite activities during high school:
“It was mostly sports – I played baseball, hockey, and golf. And hanging out with friends.”

Most influential person growing up:
“It was certainly my parents – they were great role models. Both of them were in banking, so I followed in their footsteps. Just personally and professionally they’ve definitely made the biggest impact on my life.”

Finding Mercy Home:
“I started off as a tutor almost eight years ago. I did two years of tutoring and my job responsibilities changed where it was tough to keep a one day per week set schedule, so I ended up transitioning over to the Associate Board and I’m on the volunteer committee now.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:
“It’s really helping kids that maybe didn’t have the same privileges that I did growing up, and so it’s really just trying to give back. And I guess it made me really realize how fortunate I was, and hopefully I can make their lives a little bit better. And I know that’s what Mercy Home does and that’s why it drew me to volunteering there originally.”

Mercy Home Legacy:
“I hope to be viewed as someone who not only made a financial impact or went to the meetings, but also went above and beyond to make an impact on the youth that Mercy Home serves. And as somebody that was always willing to go the extra mile to volunteer at Mercy Home.”

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