Isaac Finds A Fresh Perspective

Isaac Finds A Fresh Perspective

Isaac’s last day of seventh grade was also his worst.

The details of how the argument started are fuzzy, but it ended with him throwing his notebook at his math teacher. It wasn’t his first outburst in class, and he was sent straight to the principal’s office.

He was given a two-week suspension and had to write a formal apology letter to his teacher. With the suspension rolling over into his eighth-grade year, he was sent home for the day. But when administrators tried to reach Isaac’s mother, they couldn’t. His father was in jail and Isaac didn’t always know where his mother was.

She worked part-time as a custodian at a hotel but disappeared often. She had been using drugs when Isaac was younger, but Isaac wasn’t sure if she still was.

When the school failed to contact his mother, it was the first indication that Isaac’s situation was more complicated than just an isolated outburst. Isaac needed a home that felt like home. And Isaac’s mother knew that.

One of his childhood friends had recently moved into Mercy Home and Isaac’s mother decided that was what he needed right now. She just couldn’t take care of him in the way that she knew he needed.

At Mercy Home, there was more structure to his life. He had a bedtime, three scheduled meals and an individualized treatment plan to work on his anger. Isaac saw a therapist weekly and worked toward different goals.

When Isaac began therapy, he discovered that he was also battling moderate depression. He always liked being alone, but in recent months his anger also turned to sadness. His friends stopped hanging out with him because he would get so frustrated all the time.

But after some time at Mercy Home, Isaac began to see changes in himself. He was able to control his anger better, and able to solve problems with his words instead of acting out. It was the first time he remembered feeling like he had some control over his emotions.

Despite missing the first two weeks of eighth grade because of a suspension, he stayed on top of his schoolwork and emailed his teachers to let them know that he was going to be in their class.

Isaac began eighth grade with a fresh perspective. He repaired relationships with both his friends and teachers, who noticed a change in him. Because Mercy Home gave him the tools he needed, Isaac was able to focus on his schoolwork and finish the year with all As and Bs on his report card.

Isaac and his mother are also participating in family therapy to help them improve their relationship. With a lot of work on both their parts, they have been able to understand one another better and Isaac’s mother is committed to finding ways to support her son.

Before coming to Mercy Home, Isaac felt hopeless about his life and his future. Isolated and lonely, he knew he was heading down the wrong path. But thanks to the loving and prayerful support of friends like you, Isaac feels confident that he can handle the obstacles life throws at him.

Please note: Because we care deeply about protecting our children’s privacy, the names and certain identifying details in this story have been changed. 

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