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About and Frequently Asked Questions

A core value of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is to build strong partnership with Chicago’s network of community- based-organizations. While the needs of Chicago’s youth are complex and many, we understand that it takes a village of like-minded organizations working together to meet young people where they’re at. We are part of a community of helpers focused on assisting young people overcome issues of poverty, housing and food insecurity, unemployment, mental health issues, racial trauma, and social injustice. 

We also know that no one organization can meet all of the needs of a young person. Thus, we lean on each other to ensure that care is intentional, enhances natural skills, increases knowledge-base, and lifts everyone to a path of success and independence.

For years, Mercy Home has been developing new partnerships and nurturing strong relationships. On a quarterly basis, Mercy Home organizes, in collaboration with others, a networking meeting to share resources and explore ways to collaborate. This space also gives us the opportunity to make sure young people connect with the right person and the right services when making a referral. This limits the bouncing around from one helper to another, which we see as a barrier to care. 

This is a common experience we’ve all had whether calling to get social services or calling our mobile providers.  With the pandemic, linking to resource has gotten more challenging. However, this network of partners are committed to providing quick access to needed support.

With you in mind, Mercy Home has created the Community Resource directory to help you in your search.  Information on over 250 organizations has been gather and shared with you in this digital platform to give you easy access to the information or the care you are looking for in your specific area. It is another way Mercy Home is breaking down barriers and creating pathways to support and healing. 

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you find the support you are looking for! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this resource directory? 

Anyone is welcome to use the resource directory. It was created for youth, families, members of the community, and other community-based organizations who are in need of referral resources.  

What services are highlighted in the resource directory? 

We highlight an extensive list of resources based on the services that will help meet the needs of young people. Most of the organizations have more than one service that are tied to their listing. 

What if I do not have access to a computer to visit www.mercyhome.org? 

Mercy Home’s website is mobile-friendly, and can also be accessed on your phone.  

How can I contact one of the organizations listed in the resource directory? 

You can contact the organization directly by using the contact information on their listing. Mercy Home posts their information to make it more accessible, but cannot directly connect you. This director is built to make finding contact information easier.

How often is this updated? 

We are updating it on a quarterly schedule.

I work at an organization listed in this directory and the information is not accurate. How can I help to update it? 

We love for organizations to help us keep the information as current as possible! Please use the “Report an Error”* link at the bottom of the page.

I work at an organization that is not included in this directory; can I submit our information to be added to the directory? 

Yes, we are always looking to grow this resource! Please see the “Submit Listing Request” link.