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Our Model of Education

Understanding the impact of childhood trauma and adversity on students helps you create the best possible learning environment for all. Mercy Home’s Resilient Schools can show you how.

With our trauma-informed, professional development curricula, you will shift your approach to classroom challenges. Instead of asking “What’s wrong with this student?” you’ll learn how to reframe the question, asking instead: “What’s happened to this student and how can I best help him or her learn?”

Trainings Address:

  • The impact of trauma on a child’s brain and academic experience
  • Effective responses to challenging behaviors
  • Strategies for helping struggling students self-regulate
  • Structure and routines that make all students feel safe

Rooted in our experience partnering with schools our own young people attend, and on our successful residential treatment model, Mercy Home’s Resilient Schools gives educators the tools to help all students engage in learning. Our programming includes presentations at schools, events at Mercy Home and virtual webinars.

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