A special thank you this week to our friends of St. Mary of the Woods Chicago in the congregation.

Sixth Sunday of Easter Homily Transcript

What words would someone use to describe who you are? Would being a person of hope, would living as a hope-filled person be one way, in that someone might describe you? Today we hear something very beautiful in the second reading, and that is Peter says, “Be prepared to give an explanation to others for the reason for your hope.” Peter reminds us, that today, if we are to be followers of Christ, true followers of Christ, then hope is essential. If we believe what we say and if we say what we believe, hope is an essential part of who we are as the followers of the risen Lord.

Hope. Hope is what allows us to live secure in the promises of God, a beautiful promise in the Gospel today, “I will not leave you orphaned.” Hope helps us to look at other people and see in every person some goodness. Hope allows us to resist despair when we are confronted by the challenges and the disappointments that happen in life. And hope helps us to really trust in the promises of God, that following God’s ways will be the best way. And so today Peter reminds us of the source of our hope, it comes from our faith, our belief, and our choice to follow the risen Lord.

I ask you today to think about that gift of hope that is given to each of us and perhaps to think about where in our minds, and our hearts, and our souls, we need to really embrace that wonderful gift that we have been given, the gift of hope. If we are true followers of Christ, if we say what we believe and believe what we say, let’s remember that hope is essential for us, it’s not an option.