A special thank you this week to our friends at St. Giles Parish, Oak Park in the congregation.

Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

If someone were to ask you what belongs to God, most of us would very easily respond in faith, everything. Everything belongs to God. Jesus is trying to get the Pharisees to remember this. They’re trying to trap him as we heard in the gospel today and he gives a quick and easy answer, “Pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” But then he adds something else that is even deeper and more important, “Give to God what belongs to God.”

And everything belongs to God. Jesus is trying to get the Pharisees and he invites us today in those words to remember to look deeper within. To look at our hearts and our commitment to God and how that helps us to make decisions throughout our lives. Why does it matter? Well, our decisions shape who we are, they shape our relationships, they shape the world around us. Our decisions either hurt or heal, they build up or they tear down, they encourage or discourage, they show love, or not. And so our decisions make a difference.

Give to God what belongs to God. Today Jesus reminds us to think about that and remember that everything belongs to God, and so in making our decisions, we have to remember our decisions are not just about us, they’re not just about our wants and needs. But what does God want for us, for each other and for the world that he entrusted to us? God wants us to take care of our home. Not just our bodies, but the world around us that he gave us. And most importantly, God wants us to take care of each other.

Give to God what belongs to God. Everything belongs to God. Think about this and our decisions, do they reflect what we believe, or say we believe, everything belongs to God.