A special thank you this week to our friends at St. Joseph’s Parish, Downers Grove, and St. Alexander’s Parish, Villa Park, in the congregation.

Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

There’s a story of a builder, he built for many years, he worked for a big large firm but the man had no scruples and so he would build homes and because he was so cheap and tried to deceive people he would cut corners where ever he could and he would less instead of more for the people that he would be building these homes for. Well after many years of working as a builder he decided it was time for him to retire. He was building his last home and this time he really didn’t care about what he was doing at all. He cut corners where ever he could and he really did a cheap job on this house. He was done and going to retire. Now imagine his surprise and his horror when the company that he worked for decided to give him as his gift, his bonus the last house he just built.

We’re reminded today that Jesus has given us this wonderful vineyard to take care of that is our own selves and one another, the world that he has given us. And he’s given us everything that we need to take care of the vineyard and to make it a beautiful place for each other to live. The story about the builder and Matthew’s gospel story today is really a wonderful reminder that we are always being challenged to take care of this vineyard that God has given us and we should be asking ourselves constantly is there something more, more than we can do for ourselves for one another for God who gave us this gift the vineyard, is there something more that we can be doing? Can we pray a little more for others who are in need? Can we be of service to others? Can we be more compassionate? More kind? More forgiving? More loving? More caring?

Today we’re challenged to ask ourselves what more can we be doing to take care of this wonderful vineyard, the gift that God has given us. And let’s not underestimate the difference one worker can make in the vineyard. Let’s never underestimate the difference we can make in this plan of the vineyard God has given us to care for. And most of all let’s remember that what we put out there, hopefully, all the good that we put out there is also what will come back to us.