Third Sunday of Lent

Homily Video

Third Sunday of Lent Homily Transcript

– The children were all lined
up for their first confession.

When little Johnny’s
time came for confession,

so the priest tells Johnny
to confess his sins,

and the boy promptly replied,

“Father, I threw a rock at Jimmy.”

“Now, that was a very
misguided thing to do my son.”

Said the priest very patiently.

Little Johnny said,

“It wasn’t misguided at all, I hit him.”

(congregation laughing)

We all thirst for something in life.

We all try to hit the mark.

The woman at the well in
today’s Gospel is open.

He comes to faith in our
encounter with the Lord.

True story: In the winter of 1976,

while still seminarian,

I went shopping with my brother Adrian,

one cold evening toward Christmas.

So, we finished shopping,

We walked toward the car,

it was parked along the curb
between two parked cars.

The 30 degrees temperature

made the road very, very icy and slick.

I couldn’t get out of the spot,

my tires kept spinning because of the ice.

And both cars had me in.

In the rear view mirror,

I could see a man in a blue car behind us,

calmly smoking a cigarette
from his passenger seat.

I told my brother in a
very frustrated voice,

“Why isn’t he just back
up the car a few feet?

“There’s no one behind him,

“And there’s smoke coming
out of his tailpipe.

“Can’t he see

“that we can’t move?”

So I got out of my car

and walk over to the
passenger side of his car.

I knocked on the car window,

and I asked in my
kindest, seminarian voice,

“Sir, I was wondering,

“if you could possibly pull
your car back about five feet.

“As you can see, my tires
keep spinning on the ice,

“and we can’t move.”

The man’s face was gentle.

He turned toward me,

those glasses hid the
expression in his eyes.

“I’m very sorry.”, he said,

“I’m waiting for my wife.

“Please feel free to
move the car yourself.

“I’m afraid I can’t, I’m blind.”

Now then, when life becomes unclear,

when I lose focus

concerning life’s real
meaning and purpose,

or when the street is blocked
with my own blindness,

that’s often my own.

I think of that icy night

and the blue car, the motor
running, and I remember,

for a big part of what we find in life

depends upon what we’re looking for.



First Reading:

Exodus 17:3-7

Second Reading:

Romans 5:1-2, 5-8


John 4:5-42 or 4:5-15, 19b-26, 39a, 40-42

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