Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Sixth Sunday of Easter Homily Transcript

>>So once there was a boxer who had taken a few too many hits to the head. And one day he stormed into his manager’s office and he slammed his fist on the desk and said, “Listen to me, I’m in shape. I’ve been training for months. I’ve stayed away from alcohol and sweets and I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep. I’ve trained and I’ve trained and I’ve trained. I’m in great shape and I want to fight Rocky Paleto!” The manager sits back in his chair and he sighs. And he says to him, “Look, I’ve told you hundreds of times you are Rocky Paleto.” 


In today’s gospel, we are told something we might easily forget but should never forget. Jesus tells his disciples in so many words that he must go away. In a few hours, death will separate him from the disciples. But before all this happened, Jesus said, “I will ask the Father and He will give you another advocate to be with you forever.”  

At the heart of this message is the fact that the advocate works to be infused with love. “And if you love me,” our Lord said, “you will keep my commandments as you live in this spirit.” Now friends, we know it is one thing to speak of love. It is another thing to live in and through that power of Christian love. And so, we’re reminded today the Spirit, the Advocate, can empower us to be our Lord’s loving presence in this world, especially today, with the many challenges we all face.  

Many of you will remember the music group The Beatles, and long ago they put this catchy music to a line that’s really owned by the church for centuries, if you will, when they sang: All you need is love. I’ll leave you with this to reflect on: Who, what or where are you being stretched to grow in that example of Christian love? And why is it so important to even care about this? Or think about it?  

Every time, everywhere, every opportunity we have to live in the promise of that love and spirit the risen Christ reveals himself to us and to others through us. It’s not easy work. Jesus knows that and He gives us this promise.  

The Advocate, the Spirit is with us forever. 

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