History and information about Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

Eric Anthony

Coworker Corner: Eric Anthony

Therapist Eric Anthony not only helps our young men but also serves as a positive male role model in their lives.

Jaquan Grier

Coworker Corner: Jaquan Grier

As a career resources and post-secondary options coordinator, Jaquan Grier’s job includes finding resources for our kids and teaching job skills classes.

Coworker Corner Rita McGovern

Coworker Corner: Rita McGovern

Rita McGovern, the Director of Affiliated Constituencies, manages all of Mercy Home’s fundraising boards.

Coworker Corner: Telisa Dixon

Mercy Home coworker Telisa Dixon is the manager of Ridgeland, which provides safe, affordable transitional housing to AfterCare members and their families.

Coworker Corner: headshot of Latoya Bingham

Coworker Corner: Latoya Bingham

Mercy Home’s AfterCare Case Manager Latoya Bingham fell in love with Mercy Home as a MercyWorker and now provides support to our young people after they leave Mercy Home.