Kids Have a Terrific Job Skills Workshop

This past Saturday, Mercy Home’s Leader Council hosted its annual Job Skills Workshop—and our kids hit it out of the park.

A Little Love for Elliot

At our Girls Campus, located in the Beverly community, our young women are always looking for ways to help out in their neighborhood. When they heard Elliot’s story, they knew they wanted to take action.

Getting Excited for the Future

Mercy Home’s Associate Board hosted its annual Post-Secondary Pep Rallies for our young people last week to help get them thinking about their goals after graduation. Many of our kids didn’t grow up imagining they would go to college. The annual pep rallies help teach our older boys and girls about the different options they can pursue, and help give our younger boys and girls the motivation they need to excel in school.

By Developing a Green Thumb, Laverrion Grows Confidence

When 15-year-old Laverrion gets home from school, he takes care of his schoolwork and his chores, just like our other boys and girls. But he also takes care of something all his own: the beautiful plants he keeps on his desk. “I love them!” he says.

The plants are his way of learning responsibility and of making positive connections with others—and they brighten his mood when he sees them.

ARC Comes to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Last month, after many months of research and planning, Fr. Scott welcomed coworkers to the first ARC training at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. ARC stands for Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency, and is a model for intervention with youth exposed to complex trauma. The integration of ARC into Mercy Home’s model of care is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible care for young people and their families.

Friends First Hosts Special Service Project

Last Saturday, the Friends First site-based program met at Mercy Home’s Hay Boys Campus. The matches were scheduled for an “off-site day,” where they would leave the Hay Campus and enjoy an activity in the city. But before they left, the mentors and mentees were presented with a special task.

A Lion for Life

Last Sunday morning meant back to school for Fr. Scott Donahue as he received the Saint Viator Distinguished Alumni Award at his high school alma mater in Arlington Heights, IL. St. Viator principle Fr. Corey Brost, C.S.V., presented the award to the 1972 graduate at a special Mass in the company of friends, family, and representatives of the St. Viator community. Fr. Scott was given the additional honor of concelebrating.

AfterCare Sees DanceWorks Chicago

Mercy Home’s support and resources are available not only to the young people currently in our care, but also to those who have transitioned home. They remain part of our Mercy Home family through our AfterCare program. Our AfterCare team provides educational, vocational, therapeutic, and referral services.

Top Ways Our Kids Help Others

Here at Mercy Home, our boys and girls are busy focusing on their education and their healing. But they also make time to learn the importance of gratitude — by helping the less fortunate and by giving back to their communities.  Here are just some of the awesome service opportunities our young people found this winter, and a photo gallery of their activities!

Celebrate Justice

MLK memorial Montgomery ALIndependence Day has fireworks. Thanksgiving has travel and turkey. And on Veteran’s Day, flags flutter on front porches all over America to honor those who served their country in the military.

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