Read reflections and updates from Mercy Home’s own Fr. Scott.

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection

This Easter season Fr. Scott Donahue reflects on Jesus’s passion, death, and resurrection, how we are called to follow Jesus’s example, living a life of love. Through acts of sharing we participate in a new covenant, one where all people, not only the Apostles, share in the experience of salvation.

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Lent, far from a passive act

This month Fr. Scott Donahue reflects on Lent and asks us to remember that our act of sacrifice is anything but a passive act, we are making an effort in preparing our hearts for Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Fr. Scott’s Corner – What Does Love Look Like?

This month Fr. Scott Donahue reflects on love and what it looks like, how the Sunday Mass community truly shares the love that supports this mission and our Gospel work.

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Gratitude

Fr. Scott Donahue shares his ingredients to a truly happy life, the main ingredient being gratitude; he reminds us to take time to reflect and celebrate our blessings as we enter into the busy Holiday season.