1. Encourage their hopes and dreams by asking them what they want to be when they grow up or if they could wish for anything, what would it be? Then help them create the steps that will lead them there.
  2. Let them know they are important to you by being on time for your outings.
  3. Really “SEE” them. Don’t just look on the surface, really notice and mention the positive things they do.
  4. Help expand their world by exploring different ethnic neighborhoods. Talk about the similarities and differences between their culture and this one.
  5. Invite them to explore their creativity. We all have creative ability, it just takes some of us longer to identify it. If they feel they are not creative, engage them in a conversation about what they do when they are bored. Creativity has many faces.
  6. Find a topic they are really interested in and read a book together about it. The fact that you knew it was an interest of theirs will let them know you are paying attention to who they are and what they are saying.
  7. Encourage them to be of service to others. Working together to help someone else creates a connection.
  8.  Let them see who you are by sharing how you overcame a struggle. It will also help them to know that we all struggle with something and will allow them to make a connection with you.
  9. Invite them to help you plan an outing. This will help them understand that this relationship is a partnership and they do get to have a say in it.
  10. Let them know how much fun you have when you are with them. It will cause you both to smile