Even after our kids move out of Mercy Home, we are still concerned about their wellbeing and success in all areas of their life, including school. Though they may have left our Home, our kids still have ongoing support, encouragement, and resources through our AfterCare program.

In addition to support, they also have their hard work recognized! That’s why our AfterCare team recently hosted their annual scholar dinner to recognize members’ academic success.

Scholars and coworkers met at Joy Yee, a local Chinese restaurant, to celebrate successfully completing their first semester at school and the recent holiday season.

Scholars had an opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and continue to build community over bubble tea. AfterCare also had the opportunity to acknowledge those scholars who received merit standing, meaning they had As and Bs, and those who would be graduating this year!

We are so proud of all of our AfterCare scholars for their hard work and achievements!