Father Scott’s Birthday Surprise is One For for the Ages

Father Scott’s Birthday Surprise is One For for the Ages

Friends and donors fill his office with birthday blessings.

Father Scott was shocked and amazed when he walked into his office on his 65th birthday on May 3 to find his office decorated with balloons and his desk overflowing with cards. Friends and donors from across the country sent birthday greetings to help Father Scott celebrate his milestone day and let him know how truly loved and appreciated he is.

“We’ve got the best donors in the world,” Father Scott said, looking over his cards. “They love our kids.”

Father Scott received all types of birthday blessings, from cards, gifts, and baked goods to the most precious gift of all — donations to Mercy Home to help us provide round-the-clock care for our boys and girls.

Overcome with gratitude, Father Scott continued to praise our wonderful donors.

“You folks — through your generosity and through your kindness, and through your care for children — save lives, enhance lives, and build a better future for all.”

Fr. Scott's office filled with balloons and birthday cards

You can still wish Father Scott a Happy Birthday! Make a gift to benefit our kids by clicking the button below, and share your well wishes in the comments!


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  1. Georgia Litzenberg, S.C. says:

    Dear Father Scott,
    May your birthday surprise give a happiness to your ordination so that many people will be served through you.
    God Bless you always, Father Scott, in all ways.
    Love and support for your beautiful ministry in taking care of the children at Mercy Home.
    Georgia, S.C.

  2. mary says:

    Video and pictures brought tears to my eyes. Father is a blessed individual and deserved his surprise birthday celebration. Just continue the good job Father and workers, some kids sure need it. Thanks Mary for doing this for him. Think that is your name, memory goes after a while. God Bless.

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you Father and Staff for the beautiful video! I enjoyed seeing everyone. May God bless you and keep you all in His Strength, Provision, Friendship and Love.


  4. Maryjane whiton says:

    Thank you for sharing the celebration and blessings on all you do for these children in your care??

  5. Josie Schneider says:

    I’m so happy to see how thrilled and surprised Father was with all his well wishers. He truly derservs it. I’m so glad I could contribute in some small way. Thank you, Father, for everything you do for the kids. I wish you many years of health and happiness.

    Best wishes,

    Josie Schneider

  6. Eileen R Drabik says:

    Dear Father Scott,

    It was so nice to see how surprised you were on your birthday. You are so dedicated to the boys and girls of Mercy Home. We watch the TV Mass each week and are amazed at how the children have grown. The servers act so professionally & respectfully and we know how much you and they appreciate the donors.
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday, Father Scott
    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    We are so thrilled to have Mercy Home for Boys & Girls as our “parish of the airwaves”. Thank you for all you do. God Bless You ALWAYS!

    Yours in Christ,

    Eileen & Wally Drabik

  7. Eileen r says:

    Dear Father Scott
    HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY….!!!!! I am so happy I was able to view the video of your “surprise”. May God grant you many more happy, healthy, rewarding years. We must all thank God to Bless you for all you are and all you do for the children. I enjoy hearing how the children are doing…their success stories are amazing , thanks to you and your awesome staff. After raising four children of my own , my heart just aches for the dear ones that come to you for help. You are an angel of God.!!!!!

  8. Marge Walsh says:

    I was aware of and contributed for Father’s Birthday, but had not realized until now that he and I share the same birthday. As a person several years older than him, I can assure him that he is still a young whippersnapper!

  9. Sr. Marie Moore says:

    Dear Mary Ann and Fr. Scott,
    What a wonderful surprise ! I am so happy to be able to SEE how beautifully the surprise all turned out! It was perfect. Really, MaryAnn,did anyone goof up and send the card back to Father??? I wouldn’t be surprised in the least!
    Father Scott, God has blessed you abundantly. You work so hard for the “kids”. Only God could have put this great love and devotion inside you to keep on keeping on for so long. God bless you as you continue your great work at Mercy Home
    for boys and girls!!! We all love you!

    Sister Marie C Moore, IHM

  10. Amparo Avillanoza says:

    Dear Fr. Scott,
    Happy …5th ! I never knew that you were a May born like me…May 13th and I am…5th too but add 10 days and 10 years more to yours.
    GOD bless you. You are always in our prayers. May Our Father in Heaven continously bless you with utmost courage, wisdom and good health in loving Mercy Home.
    Amparo Avillanoza,

  11. Carla Bucci says:

    Father Scott,

    My birthday card (and donation) is among the many in your office but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday again and thank you for all you do for the kids at Mercy Home.


  12. Sr. Doris Kretzler says:

    It was a pleasure to be able to view the Celebration of Fr. Scott’s Birthday. Living a distance away & unable to attend,
    the video made it nice to see. Blessings again to Fr. Scott for all he is and the dedication he has for the Children of
    Mercy Home. Your Staff (Mary Ann especially) knows how to make things work for good.

    Prayerfully, Sr. Doris Kretzler


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