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Give Today!

Your generosity can help Mercy Home's therapeutic programs.

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Give Today!

Your generosity can help strengthen Mercy Home's therapeutic programs that include our facility dog, Pongo.


Time's Running Out

There are only a few hours left to help out families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Gifts made today will be matched.

#GivingTuesdayNow is almost over. Only a few hours left to help our families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Gifts made today will be matched up to $50,000 thanks to the generosity of a dedicated group of employees at William Blair and its matching gifts program.


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Last chance for your gift to go twice as far!

Support March For Kids

It Begins With You

You can help create a brighter future for Chicago’s children by supporting Mercy Home’s March for Kids this month.



Meet Our Board Members: Susan Golden

Meet Our Board Members: Susan Golden

Susan Golden: Leader Council

Naperville, IL

College and major: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, business

Position: Founder at Golden Leadership, LLC

“I pivoted careers from a corporate career to actually start my own company that’s focused on leadership development and executive coaching… I facilitate workshops that are really team building or aligned with different leadership competencies. I also coach one-on-one – half of that is my own personal clients, the other half I’m an associate coach through BTS.”

Passions outside of work:

“I look at Mercy Home as one of those – it’s certainly where I like to spend my time. I also was involved in creating an associate board at Susan Komen here in Chicago. I have a place out in Steamboat and love to hike and ski, spend time outdoors. I have two kids, so I certainly spend a lot of time with them. I run and do yoga, and I love to travel.”

Favorite travel destination:

“When my youngest graduated from college we did the hike in Machu Picchu. We had a small group of about 15 of us together for the hike, and I had never been south of the equator. And I think the hike is so much of the journey, versus if you just took the train to Machu Picchu. I’d say that was just a whole different experience and one of my favorite trips.”

Most influential person growing up:

“I’d say my mom, because she started her own business and had gone to college and was working in the city – and due to society at the time, was basically told she should quit to be at home and cook dinner for her husband. I think that’s probably why my sisters and I had careers, and she was certainly very supportive of that.”

Favorite part about Mercy Home’s mission:

“What makes a difference is the model – the model of bringing the families and communities in, and the after-school programs makes it such a comprehensive model. Of course, you meet the kids and you want to help them, but it works because of the support and how you’re really connecting back to the communities. You can’t just bring them in for a few years and not give them the support. So, it’s belief in the model.”

Proudest accomplishment:

“I really can’t believe I up and quit my corporate job to start my own business. At the time, there were a lot of things happening in my life – I’m proud that I actually was able to start my own business. Also having two healthy, confident, successful daughters.”

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