From ‘Invisible’ Kid to Straight A Student

From ‘Invisible’ Kid to Straight A Student

What’s life without living with purpose and realizing your dreams? When our kids come to Mercy Home, sometimes they have goals to graduate high school, rekindle their relationships at home, or build successful careers.

But for some, their only goal is to survive the day.

Video games took full control over Tyler’s life at 16 years old. It’s all he thought about and wanted to do.

“I was playing games all the time. Most of my day and weekend I was playing video games,” Tyler said.

The high school he attended was not a good fit for him. Tyler didn’t feel he was given the proper help and attention from his teachers. When his school transitioned to online learning during the pandemic, Tyler gave up on school.

“I slowly stopped going to school, especially when Covid hit,” Tyler said. “I didn’t see the point.”

Consequently, he fell behind in his freshman year and got all C’s in his classes. But he was satisfied with his mediocre grades because he passed doing the bare minimum.

Aside from school, Tyler did not have a healthy social circle. He had no friends to hang out with and had a difficult relationship with his family.

“I really didn’t talk to them much,” Tyler said. “So I just gave up.”

I slowly stopped going to school, especially when Covid hit. I didn’t see the point.

Even though his sister shared his interest in drawing, Tyler felt mostly ignored by his siblings. Instead of embracing him as a member of the family, he was viewed as the boy who spent all his time playing video games.

But Tyler’s mother wanted the best for him and she wanted him to receive a good education. She discovered Mercy Home and thought it would benefit him academically and personally.

In 2021, Tyler started a new chapter of his life at Mercy Home. At first, it was hard for him to adapt to everyone being so kind and caring.

“When I came to Mercy Home, people came to me and just talked,” Tyler said. “I was not used to it and didn’t know what to do. I was not a good conversation starter.”

But his therapist helped Tyler build his social skills.

I really didn’t talk to [my family] much. So I just gave up.

“I used to talk to him about how I feel,” Tyler said. “That broke the barrier and opened up my shell.

Therapy also helped Tyler develop a healthy relationship with his mother, and when he goes home on some weekends, he and his sister spend time together drawing and making art. He’s even made some new friends.

“I have a whole friend group now,” Tyler said. “I love my family; my family loves me with passion again. I love them even more.”

Tyler was amazed at all the coworkers at Mercy Home who cared about his well-being and helped him implement important life skills.

Since coming to Mercy Home, Tyler has improved his grades, received academic awards, and is a straight A student. He credits his tutors for helping him and Mercy Home coworkers for encouraging him to stay in school.

“I’d never thought I’d be able to get straight As in school. Never in my life,” Tyler said.

Now in his senior year of high school, Tyler hopes to attend Columbia College and pursue a career in graphic art production or video game design.

“I love art, not just because it looks good, but because it’s satisfying to complete something that you’ve been working hours on,” Tyler said.

And Mercy Home has provided him with opportunities to exercise his passions and learn new programs.

“Mercy Home helped me by giving me opportunities,” Tyler said. “Any goals, dreams, or activities outside of school, they can support financially.”

From the time he stepped foot in Mercy Home, Tyler has been incredibly grateful for the opportunities Mercy Home has given him.

Mercy Home helped me by giving me opportunities. Any goals, dreams, or activities outside of school, they can support financially.

“Mercy Home really helped me, and I really appreciate it because I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t here right at this moment, I would be homeless.”

Because of the kindness of our generous donors, our boys and girls discover their passions, heal from their trauma, and become all they can be.

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