Leticia Makes Tremendous Strides

Leticia Makes Tremendous Strides

One of the most beautiful parts about Mercy Home is the way we bring families back together. When problems at home reach a crisis point, sometimes the best solution is time apart. Stepping back from a negative situation gives families a chance to find peace and grow as individuals. 

When Leticia arrived at Mercy Home last year, she and her mother both needed a break. Leticia was always a decent student but her personality changed dramatically when she started 9th grade at a new school.

Leticia’s mother noticed that, when her daughter returned home from school, she pretty much shut down. She spent all her time either in her room or sleeping on the couch. When her mother tried to get her to do chores, it turned into a heated argument. 

Leticia’s mother started receiving letters and phone calls from her school. Her daughter often arrived late to school, rarely handed in her assignments, and was no longer interested in participating in class. Her teachers were worried that she was depressed.

Yet Leticia refused to open up about what was bothering her. When her mother tried to help, it only pushed Leticia further away. Eventually, their heated arguments turned physical. 

Leticia grew to hate her home life and did everything she could do avoid it. Sometimes, she went to school on Friday morning and did not return home until Sunday night, spending nights with her friends.

Going days without hearing from her daughter was incredibly stressful on Leticia’s mother. Worried sick, she frantically searched the streets, called her daughter’s friends, police stations, and hospitals. 

As the arguing, fighting, and disappearing continued, it became clear to Leticia’s mother that something needed to change. But she didn’t know what to do. It seemed that everything she tried to make the situation better only made it worse.

Leticia grew to hate her home life and did everything she could do avoid it.

While searching online, she came across Mercy Home’s website. She was so impressed by our therapeutic resources and structured environment that she set up an appointment to come visit.

Leticia’s mother worried that her daughter would fight her tooth and nail when it came time to visit Mercy Home, but Leticia was also desperate for a change. It didn’t take long into their visit to realize that Mercy Home was the intervention they both needed.

When Leticia arrived at our Home, it was evident that she was suffering from depression. And though she was relieved to be away from her problems at home, she struggled with her treatment. She did not want to open up to her therapist, and just like at home, she struggled to abide by the rules.

But in just a few months, it’s amazing how much Leticia has matured. She eventually developed a relationship with her therapist and finally shared her problems. She also learned the importance of self-care and taking the proper measures to address her depression.

This young woman has made tremendous strides in the classroom, as well. Before, she used to let her assignments pile up, and she would become so intimidated by the workload that she would give up. But with help from our school resources coordinator, she learned how to stay organized and manage academic stress. 

And, though she never thought it would be possible, Leticia has rebuilt her relationship with her mother. Leticia and her mother have worked through their problems and learned to communicate. Now, Leticia looks forward to her mother’s visits and is eager to return home and have a fresh start.

Please note: Because we care deeply about protecting our children’s privacy, the names and certain identifying details in this story have been changed.

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