Luisa Finds Acceptance

Luisa Finds Acceptance

Luisa’s life was turned upside down when she was only 7 years old. Her mother passed away unexpectedly, and her father was an alcoholic who couldn’t be relied upon to care for her. 

With nowhere else to go, Luisa was sent to live with her aunt and cousins. Right from the beginning, Luisa’s aunt made it clear that she was not really wanted in the home.  

Partners In Prayer - Luisa Finds Acceptance

At first it was just little things. Luisa’s aunt would come home with new clothes or toys for her cousins, but nothing for her. As time went by, it became more than that. Luisa was not always allowed to eat with the family and had to wait until they were finished before having her meal. Sometimes her aunt would take her cousins on fun trips to the park or the zoo, and Luisa was never invited. 

At night, Luisa would lie in bed and try not to cry. She missed her mother and wondered what she did to make her aunt dislike her so much. But as she got older, Luisa decided she needed to stop feeling sad. Instead, she tried her best to feel nothing at all. 

By the time Luisa was in high school, her aunt frequently complained about what a burden Luisa was on the family. Luisa decided she had enough. She packed a bag and left the house without a word to her aunt. 

After leaving her aunt’s home, Luisa realized that she had nowhere to go. She spent several nights wandering the streets, sleeping in alleys and desperately trying to figure out where to go next. Eventually, the police found her sitting outside in the cold. 

Luisa explained her situation to a police officer, but remained adamant that she would not return to her aunt’s home. So the police officer told Luisa about Mercy Home. Luisa agreed to come live at Mercy Home out of desperation, but she only planned to stay until she could think of another place to go. 

At first, she didn’t trust anyone at our Home. She was certain that she would be rejected by my coworkers and the other girls, just like she was rejected by her aunt.  

She often told us how she planned on leaving as soon as she could. She even refused to unpack her bag for weeks, thinking she would have to make a quick exit again. 

But over time, Luisa realized that Mercy Home was the first place that she felt at home since her mother died. She was shocked that no matter how much she refused to open up to staff or participate in activities with the other girls, everyone was still kind and welcoming to her. 

Luisa decided that Mercy Home was a place that she could rely on. She finally felt comfortable unpacking her bag and decorating her room. She opened up, little by little, to her therapist about her experiences. And she started joining in with the other girls when they gathered to play a game or watch a movie. 

Today, Luisa truly considers Mercy Home her home. Here, she has found the acceptance, family, and the love she craved her entire life. And it is only because of the prayerful support of friends like you that we are able to give children like Luisa a loving place to call home. Thank you.

Please note: Because we care deeply about protecting our children’s privacy, the names and certain identifying details in this story have been changed. 

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