Young Man Makes Strides Academically and Beyond

Young Man Makes Strides Academically and Beyond

We were so proud when one of our young men, Tyler, received two awards from his high school for being the Most Improved 11th Grade Student and Approaching College-Ready in Math.

“I was surprised––I’m college-ready!” Tyler said.

Determined to improve academically, Tyler has utilized his resources at Mercy Home and sought help when needed.

“If we’re doing a math problem, sometimes [I] will ask if there’s staff in [Cooke Home] to help me do math problems,” he said. “I would ask them and try to get some further guidance on how to do the work.”

While living at Mercy Home, he’s received unconditional support and care from our coworkers, who have helped him build his self-esteem and given him tools to become a more confident student and person.

Tyler holds his awards

“[Since coming to Mercy Home] I have found confidence,” he said. “I now have close relationships with my friends at home. If it was my old me, I wouldn’t think I was able to do that.”

Tyler is especially grateful for two of our coworkers who have supported his academic journey this year.

“I would like to thank Emilio [Munoz] because he gives me a goal to keep going [and] Veronica [Quintero] for giving me two tutors to further go with my work,” he said. “They are a big help in my [academic] journey at Mercy.”

Emilio, one of our education resource coordinators, has noticed Tyler’s dedication to academics and his growth in that area.

“Tyler has made a huge improvement in his grades and motivation,” he said. “I’m excited to see where his potential can take him because he has a lot of it.”

Tyler hopes to go to college to pursue his dream as a game designer. But, while he still is a resident here, he aspires to apply himself more.

“My top goal is to move out of Mercy Home [and] be successful,” he said. “I just have to keep putting my best foot forward. [I want to] ask for more mentorship, ask for more help from the people that are helping me, [and] go more in-depth in therapy.”

We are so proud of your academic achievements, Tyler! And we are truly thankful for all our coworkers who help our kids reach their goals and dream big.

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