Youth Reflects on Experience at Mercy Home

Youth Reflects on Experience at Mercy Home

The holidays are a time when many of us reflect on the people and things for which we are grateful. For some of our kids, it’s their first time celebrating the holidays at the Home. As he prepared to move back home after a year living with us, Marc took some time to share what he’s thankful for.

“I’m grateful for the second chance [Mercy Home] provides you with to be successful, to be a better person, to reflect, and build humility and integrity,” Marc said. “I’m grateful for hardworking staff members.”

During his time with us, Marc learned the importance of building healthy relationships with staff and peers.

“I’ve learned [that] it’s really important not to condemn somebody as a bad person,” Marc said. “We are all trying to do the best that we can, and our decisions impact our relationships and dynamics. I learned how to build relationships with people who are vastly different from my background and identity.”

While at Mercy Home, Marc stepped out of his comfort zone in many ways and tried new things that he would have never done before.

For example, Marc dislikes heights; in fact, it’s his biggest fear. But during his trip to summer camp, an annual experience made possible by our donors, he was determined to conquer that fear. “[I went] rock climbing, and that was my first growth step where I stepped out of my comfort zone,” he said.

Marc also recalls the opportunities he enjoyed at Mercy Home to make a difference for others. “We made sandwiches for the [homeless] in Chicago,” Marc said. “That was really helpful [in teaching me that] it’s important to help our communities.”

Mercy Home also provides opportunities to learn about other cultures at Mercy Home, particularly through a series of cultural celebrations held throughout the year.

“[Mercy Home] prioritizes cultural values and dynamics,” he said. “I’m grateful to try [new] food, activities, games, places, and explore different cultures.”

And as he moves back home, Marc will benefit from the support of some lasting relationships he built during his time at Mercy Home.

“What I’ll miss in the program is being able to see other people grow and step out of their comfort zone, try something new, and learn new things,” he said.

Thank you to all our donors who make sure Marc and all our boys and girls receive the nurturing care and support they need to be successful.

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