Happy Easter! I pray that during this most holy season, you find peace, comfort, hope, and blessings as you worship with our Parish of the Airwaves. What a wonderful month this is as we continue to celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection and rebirth!

After Jesus’ resurrection, the Apostles began sharing their experiences of the Risen Lord with those who were not just within Jesus’ immediate group of followers. We as Christians are called to let Christ take hold of our hearts and allow love to take over our lives, all because of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Symbolically, this represents a transition from living in a state of darkness to living in the light, in that we are called to follow the example of Jesus and live a life of love.

“God loved the world so deeply that he gave us his only begotten son…”

It is important to remember during this Easter season that through Jesus, we experience a relationship with the God who loves us unconditionally. It is through Jesus’ death and resurrection that we participate with Jesus in his triumph over sin, evil, and death itself. In this Easter season, I pray that God’s peace, power, and presence allow you to experience a renewal of faith, hope, peace, and joy in your life. God loved the world so deeply that he gave us his only begotten son, who died for our sins and raised from the dead. We couldn’t ask for a better cause for joy!

  1. Ann A. Fox says:

    What love God has for us that He would allow His only Son to make the ultimate sacrifice for our sins!! Part of my prayers for the residents of Mercy Home is that they come to know Jesus personally so He will be with them, not only during their time of healing, but for the rest of their lives! We all need Jesus daily to help us navigate this fallen world! He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and is the only One who will never leave us nor forsake us!

    Thank you for all that you do for those who enter the doors of Mercy Home!!!



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