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April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

Help End Child Abuse

Help End Child Abuse

This month is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Take our pledge to end child abuse and neglect.


Time's Running Out

There are only a few hours left to help out families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Gifts made today will be matched.

#GivingTuesdayNow is almost over. Only a few hours left to help our families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Gifts made today will be matched up to $50,000 thanks to the generosity of a dedicated group of employees at William Blair and its matching gifts program.


Your Gift Doubled!

Last chance for your gift to go twice as far!

Support March For Kids

It Begins With You

You can help create a brighter future for Chicago’s children by supporting Mercy Home’s March for Kids this month.



Feast of All Souls

Feast of All Souls

Our time on earth is a short one. One of the greatest gifts God grants us during this short time is the presence of loved ones – people we care about, people who care for us. When those we love pass on to the next life, it’s normal to feel sadness or pain. But the memories we create during our time together allow us to stay connected to them; their spirit lives on within us.

On this day, the Feast of All Souls, our hearts are filled with memories of loved ones who are no longer here on earth. This is a time to think about how fortunate we are to have been impacted by so many kind and inspiring people. This day affords all of us a special opportunity to reflect on the time we’ve had with our loved ones. It’s important to remember their lives and offer our prayers that they may successfully complete their journey back home to God.

There are many ways in which we can commemorate the lives of those we miss. We can visit the place where they have been laid to rest and speak to them, let them know that they are still with us. Maybe there is a place in the world that was special to that person, a favorite park or restaurant that reminds you of them. If your talents lie in artistic endeavors, you might create something that represents them and celebrates the life they lived.

It’s also important to remember that none of us are perfect. The best we can do is live our lives with good intentions – but there will be times when we veer off the path.

As we carry venial sin with us into the next life, our souls are not immediately prepared to experience the grace of the Lord in heaven. By entering purgatory, our souls can be purified and made ready to walk with God for all of eternity.

That is why, on this day, you are invited to offer words of prayer to those deep in your heart, so that their souls can be released from purgatory and reach the gates of heaven. One day, we too will be called from this earth, and we must hope that those we’ve left behind will offer their prayers for our souls to be cleaned.

Though our time here on earth is short, we will one day walk with God in eternity. By offering our prayers today for those we miss, we can help ensure that they will be waiting for us for when we too arrive in the grace of the Lord.

About Sunday Mass at Mercy Home

Sunday Mass at Mercy Home, which is filmed on location in the Our Lady of Mercy Chapel at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls and broadcast on WGN in Chicago, is a source of spiritual nourishment for those who are unable to leave their homes because of age or ailment to attend Mass.


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