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Fr. Scott’s Corner – Community

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Community

Over the weekend, I celebrated the marriage of one of my co-workers and her now husband. They are a young couple who will give great witness to the sanctity and solemnity of the sacrament of marriage. During our marriage preparation meetings, they proved to truly understand what it means to be with each other in good times and in bad; in sickness and in health. I have full faith that they will continue to love and honor each other beautifully!

Life is best lived when it is lived and shared with others. We all know that! We are communal people and we appreciate the support, the wisdom and the encouragement of friends.

The Church itself is a community of God’s people, a place where we all belong to encourage each other in ways of faith. That is the reason why I am so supportive and grateful that we at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls are able to share the TV Mass with all of you. Even if you happen to be alone at home, in the hospital or elsewhere, the truth is that you are not alone. The Lord is certainly with you, as are thousands of others of believers who are praying with you at this very moment. Together, we build up the Kingdom of God through our prayers, sacrifices and good works.


As a community of believers, we are all called to do the work of Christ and to further his mission. We do what we are able, we come to Mass every week to pray, we support the needs of the poor, and we encourage family members, friends, and neighbors in difficult moments. In this way, we bring Christ’s peace and healing presence to others.

As Christians, we are called to bring Christ’s peace to others. Like my co-worker and her new husband, we are not to burden our lives with things and possessions, but rather to share the most valuable possession that each of us has: our faith and love in Jesus. When we do as we are called, we give witness to the fact that the Kingdom of God is truly at hand.


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