There are many ingredients to a truly happy life. And gratitude is perhaps the most important one. In fact, I can’t think of one person who lives his or her life in gratitude for the blessings that God has bestowed upon them who isn’t also a joyful person.

I believe that gratitude is a decision. When a loved one is called home to God, do we curse Him for taking them away or do we thank Him for the time we had with them? When our financial situation changes for the worse, do we curse God because our cashflow is diminished, or thank Him because we are still much more fortunate than many others around the world? And when we become ill, do we curse God for the sickness or thank Him for giving us faith to help us through the ordeal? All of these situations are real-life challenges we face every day. They are also real decisions about how we choose to cope with them.

“I encourage you to reflect on the true nature of gratitude and the role it plays in your life. ”

Throughout my ministry, I have been blessed to meet people on a regular basis who understand how generous the Lord has been to them and that this means they should, in turn, help those who are less fortunate. All year long, but especially around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I am humbled by the kindness and generosity shown to Mercy Home’s ministries. I see young children donating their allowances to make sure that the children of Mercy Home have a safe and loving place to grow up. I meet families who decide that instead of buying presents for themselves, they donate presents to the young people entrusted to our care. These extraordinary people remind me that there is no such thing as passive gratitude—it must be vividly lived with the knowledge that God blesses us so that we may then extend His mercy to others.

In this month of thanksgiving, as we celebrate our blessings and offer our thanks to God for the many ways he has blessed us, I encourage you to reflect on the true nature of gratitude and the role it plays in your life. I will do the same and count your presence in the Mercy Home family as a blessing to me, to our children, and to our Home.

I wish you and your loved ones all the blessings of this special time of year. Please remember the intentions of your fellow parishioners of the airwaves in your prayers and know that they are praying for you as well. And always know that my most heartfelt prayers are with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Georgia Litzenberg, S.C. says:

    Good Morning, Father Scott,
    Thanks so very, very much about your comments on gratitude. I really enjoyed reading them.
    May Jesus be with the children, you, and your family members.

  2. Salvatore DeMaria says:

    The ‘GIFT’ of life is God’s greatest gift, for without which we would never be able to experience JESUS and his love for us … it is the beginning and end of all things. Yes this is the fountain of gratitude.

  3. william burns says:

    please I would ilke to initially make a contribution of $25 a month to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. I would appreciate your assistance of setting up this contribution. I would like the funds to be deducted of one of my credit cards thanking you in advance for your consideration. Bill Burns

  4. Julia Papenbrok says:

    I have lost my Mom, Dad, Brother and sister to cancer. I have stage four bone cancer. Sometimes I lose faith and I have to pray regularly for the strength to even have faith! I don’t understand why God took my family? Please forgive me but I think I need a prayer. Thank you very much for listening. Julia Anne Papenbrok



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