Fr. Scott’s Corner – Taking Things for Granted

Fr. Scott’s Corner – Taking Things for Granted

It can be incredibly easy to take things for granted. All of us, at one time or another, have done so. Perhaps it was a loved one who we didn’t appreciate until they had passed away. Maybe it was the time spent with friends who have since moved away. Maybe it was our health or financial circumstances. It may even be God’s presence in our lives.

Even so, I know that no member of our Sunday Mass at Mercy Home family takes the time to worship for granted. For the homebound and ailing, not being able to attend Mass is a devastating loss. I am incredibly grateful for our parish of the airwaves and know what an important broadcast it is. Through this weekly Eucharist, all in our community, regardless of age and infirmity, can participate in a community of faith. This is truly a blessing to so many.

When it is possible, it is always best to attend Mass in your local parish. It’s truly a privilege that should not be taken for granted. What a blessing it is to gather with others who share your faith in God and to worship together! But for those who find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to attend Mass at their parish—either temporarily or permanently—our parish of the airwaves is always there for you.

We know that Christ’s love is a gift beyond measure.

We know that Christ’s love is a gift beyond measure. God’s mercy goes beyond our comprehension. We are asked for so little in return. It is incredibly important as a people of faith to honor the obligation of fellowship as we are able.

In recent months, we may have realized how much we take for granted. That’s why, this month, I encourage you to be especially grateful for the blessing in your life—most of all the gift of faith that is ours. Please also pray for the TV Mass community of faith and know that you have an important place in the prayers of both myself and the entire Mercy Home family.

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